My favorite TV show (at the moment): K-Pop Extreme Survival!
My favorite clothing item (at the moment): Rainbow Dash Hoodie (My Little Pony)
My favorite drink: Whiskey Sour (with egg white!)
My favorite Broadway show as a movie: The Producers
I grew up on the tiny island of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, which you can find on the Aleutian chain that stretches out into the Bering Sea. It was cold, damp, and somehow the perfect place for my childhood. Although there was a strong arts community, there wasn't any theatre. My mother started what was supposed to be a children's theatre, but almost immediately grew to be the community theatre for the whole island. She was an inspiration to me, and is responsible for exposing me to the world of performance and how it brings people together. Since then, I explored all the theatre I could -- musicals, Japanese theatre, puppetry, masks. I attended a study abroad program at the Accademia dell'Arte in Arezzo, Italy, where my life was changed. I was exposed to the world of physical theatre, clown, and commedia dell'arte. As an adult, I founded my own theatre company, Tut'Zanni, wrote a book, and traipse about the world performing and teaching commedia dell'arte and physical theatre to students, teachers, and artists!