Favorite album: "The Fame Monster"
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite obsession: Music
Favorite food: French fries

Hi, I'm Andrew Henry a boy born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I am currently enrolled at Hunter College and I love food (french fries in particular). I love fashion and music, and my stage name is Holy Alejandro. I got my stage name from Lady Gaga's song "Alejandro" because I would sing it so much in my Junior year of high school that people just started calling me "Alejandro." At a young age my parents enrolled me in piano lessons. I always used to sing in church but when I started playing the piano that was when I truly fell in love with the art of music. The feeling that I get listening to a piece of music, no matter the genre, is satisfying. It's amazing to see someone rejoice, cry, or even be confused by a piece of music. I am very passionate about my own music and love to create. I live my life 3-Fold between reality, fantasy, and comedy. I truly believe in honoring your vision, or your vision will dishonor you.