Favorite color: Green and has been for as long as I can remember
Favorite thing to do when I am bored: Write and also draw, even if the end product was completely pointless
Favorite Broadway musical: Definitely Once, I have gone to see this musical several times and have yet to get tired of seeing it
Favorite food: Everything

My name is Angelisse Aponte. I am currently a freshmen at BMCC. My major at the moment is Liberal Arts but I intend to switch to Business Administration. I am a very outgoing person. I am also very independent but I love to hang out with my friends. If there is a motto that I live by I would say it is, "The worst thing someone can tell you is that you CAN'T, but the worst thing you can do is prove them right." People say negativity surrounding you never helps but I disagree. I sincerely believe that all that negative energy should be taken as motivation. Oh, on a totally random note, I also love singing ALOT - I probably sing way too often and sometimes I forget where I am. Well, yeah, that's all.