POST: 'Napoli, Brooklyn' - family is far from humorous

What's it about?

A play about an Italian family's home life, while living in Brooklyn. Touches on the topics of domestic violence, LGBTQ, love and family relations.

What I experienced?

I had just come back from an awareness energy fair and my friend drove me to Laura Pels Theatre... memories ... I did an education program at Roundabout and did one of my favorite plays here three years ago. Some of the greatest acting I've done. This time I was here to see Napoli, Brooklyn. I got into the cold theatre and took my seat, a bunch of older Italians surrounded me. 
The Muscolino family takes that stage at the dinner table joking around but we quickly learn their family is far from humorous. During the first scene, we realize that one of the daughters is not home because the father nearly beat her to death. Pobrecito (poor baby). We later see her studying to be the perfect Catholic.
Three sisters, all tough little cookies... it's crazy, just their personalities alone. They are all tomboys, I realize that their physique is also pretty boyish too. It's visually appealing. I noticed it from the beginning, broad shoulders, stocky, and one of them with the boy cut. I'm the one with the boy cut... Francesca :) Francesca is also a lesbian and is seeing one of the girls in town. Secretly, of course, her dad would beat the shit out of her if he knew.
The course of the play shows the older sister's (Tina's) life at the factory where she meets a black woman who is more educated than she is. (Yes yes yes, thank you Roundabout for not giving in to stereotypes!) after a certain incident (no giveaways), the older daughter takes the black woman under her wing and the Italian father is forced to not be racist. Although he only looked at her shoes the whole time.
TRIGGER WARNING, this wasn't said at the beginning of the show but there are special effects that would shake your heart out your chest. Overall the show kept me on my toes and even made me cry on subjects that touched on domestic violence and racism. I felt *deep breath* okay after the show because everything wasn't okay necessarily but lessons were definitely learned.

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