POST: Rascal Arts Original Play Festival - I felt personally invited into their world

What's it about?

LaGuardia Alum have come together for a summer program called Rascal Arts where they produce, direct and act in original pieces. However, auditions are open to the public, but the cast is mostly LaG and Hunter students. Covering topics from relationships to generational issues. 

What I experienced?

I treated myself to some Thai food and margaritas ($6!) at a spot by Theatre Row. I knew one of the directors, Stephanie Rey and actors, Alondra Vargas... oh and some random girl who was super drunk at a party so I just assumed she didn't remember me lmao.

Three bubbly people announced the shows with a speech that included trigger warnings. Man, I really wasn't warned enough. I was crying throughout. 😵 "without further ado, Rascals Arts Original Play Festival" ... two extremely funny and laid back people enter the stage. Apparently an ex boyfriend picked up an ex girlfriend at the precinct because she stole ancient tea leaves. "You traveled all the way across America to see me." "I wanted to see tea leaves." "Oh, really?!" REALLY THO.  They were so real and I felt personally invited into their world. So relatable. So so relatable. My ex hit me up the other day to ask for a document and after all the searching I did for it, she was like "Lmfao my fault, I have it. I just wanted an excuse to hit you up." Lmaoooo really?! Like the girl from the scene traveled all the way to Boston to see tea leaves. Rightttt.

The next piece was the one my friend Alondra was in. It was interesting. It was super abstract and took me a while to figure out. It was an office space during 9/11. The piece was mainly silent but had movement. They all entered the stage so adorably getting a cup of coffee that was drawn on the chalkboard wall (creative!). Each person had a different story that they all told in silence, from a pregnant women to an annoyed 9-to-5er. It was interesting because it made me think of all the lives that were lost and all the lives that those lives had affected. : /

The other piece was Ladybug Skins. A beautiful parallel of a lady to a lady bug in such a touching manner that my lips were trembling to keep my tears from flooding. Her boyfriend criticized the way she ate her ladybug food and she felt self conscious. She started starving herself because she didn't want to eat in front of him. THIS REAL LIFE HAPPENS. It's so sad. They did a time jump from when she was a kid and she got sexually assaulted by the guy who gave her her first kiss. After the assault both the ladybug and the lady sat next to each other and asked "Am I a lady now?" "I am a ladybug without my spots?" "Am I a lady with my legs open?" God. I don't want to give it away but that piece was so amazing yet emotional, I was debating whether to get up or not but I didn't want to miss it. P.S. they give a 5 minute break before this scene if you would like to leave and come back in (thanks for the sensitivity to emotions).

The show let out on a light note about 12 year old kids in this generation being stupid like drinking absinthe and talking about sex haha. The show made me laugh cry, feel, reflect. I left the theatre with my friend Alondra and literally dissected each scene because there was so much to take in, then we parted ways and I continued to think about it for the rest of my night. Art is a beautiful thing, and the interpretation of art... all the more beautiful. 💖

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is not currently showing

What did you experience?

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