Sasha @ 'Assembled Identity' - not my cup of tea

What’s it about  

A duet performance about eugenics and it’s role in the lives of two sisters who have been affected by it.  

My experience.

Assembled Identity was a show that I expected to be better in all honesty. The hour long duet show wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea.

This is the first show I have seen in a while and that specific day I was off from work the weather was nice, so I decided that I would look up a show that was playing that evening and go see it. 

Arriving to “HERE”, which I thought was actually hilarious for a place to be called here like “I’m here at HERE” (corny I know but whatever). I went up to the counter (side bar: I feel like I am naturally awkward so naturally it was a bit nervous to even say “Hi I am here to see "...” ) and of course I forgot the name of the show but thank goodness I had a paper with the name printed on there, so the guy and I exchanged a laugh about it and everything was ok.

I had about an hour before the show started and I was starving, so I stepped out then came back and was a little annoyed to realized they served food there the entire time but I just enjoyed my Starbucks happily sitting in the lounge that had nice artwork on display. Once it was time I headed over to the show.

The show started and automatically I thought, wow someone who is sensitive to light would NOT be able to come and see this show. It was a weird contrast between the darkness and a blue light throughout majority of the show which actually was super annoying. On top of that, I don’t know if I really didn’t enjoy the show or it is because I don’t completely like the idea of eugenics, which the show was mainly about. The whole time I was very confused. I wanted to like this show ,which actually broke my heart a little because I don’t enjoying writing negatively about things but it is what it is. 

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