POST: 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live' - Take us to Church, JOHN LEGEND!

Christine: I want to go to that church!

Miranda: I wish John Legend touched my hand. I wouldn’t wash that pair of fingers for a year.

Christine: Is john sporting yeezy season 6??

Gemma: John’s vocals are 🔥

Christine: Andrew's too! 

Miranda: spotted #nipslip @JohnLegend

Gemma: Eeek, Sara has arrived!!! This makes up for not getting to see her in Waitress on Broadway 🎉

Andrew: Sara’s voice is everything I needed to hear and MORE! Sara has the most soothing voice ever

Christine: Can Sara sing me to sleep….?



^^ What he said👍👍

Miranda: Can we get those matching jackets for the PXP crew though?

Andrew: I’m getting #BlackPanther vybz from this wardrobe!

Christine: Miranda is clearly into this “Jesus Must Die” song  

Miranda: Those pecs...

Christine: John legend is dreamy 💓

Miranda: What an honor... to lift John Legend.

Christine: So many commercials, what the hell???

Miranda: That's TV, Christine.

Gemma: At least live theatre doesn’t have commercials…Okay, scratch that, commercials aren’t that annoying if Jennifer Hudson makes a cameo #shellalwaysbeadreamgirltome 👏

Christine: The guy rocking out on the table is me on weekends

Andrew: Is this Rocktopia?

Christine: yeah...except people are probably getting paid for this.. #shade

Miranda: So are all these tats real or fake? That’s the real question.

Andrew: I didn’t know how much I needed to hear Sara B. and John Legend today! 

Christine: I love that Sara just gets to chill out and listen to John sing live for two hours

Gemma: Kinda surprised with how little of the music I know from this show. Definitely adding this soundtrack to my Google Play Music playlist though 🎶

Miranda: I need this mood lighting for my room. #lavalamprealness

Christine: John is giving me preacher vibes, “take me to church, John!”

Miranda: Must be nice wearing sandals instead of character shoes, lucky woman.

Gemma: Norm Lewis is GOALS. So glad I got to see him in The Phantom of the Opera a few years back #thatvocalrange 😍

Christine: Miranda...the glitter everywhere...dude.

Miranda: Oh my god. She’s gunna be picking glitter out of her ass for weeks. That stuff stays with you.


Gemma: The herpes of the craft world… 

Andrew: At least she’ll be glowing for days!

Gemma: SARA. 

Also...When’s John actually gonna come to Broadway? 😍 #hesanatural

Also also...the casting is so on point, from the leads to the ensemble...there’s not really a weak link 👍

Oooo, and the stage design is perf - I mean, just look 👌


I’m feeling Alice Cooper’s outfit 🌟


Okay, Brandon V. Dixon is heartbreaking!!! 💔


Loooving all this glitter 💖💖💖

Um...Brandon V. Dixon is the real MVP!


What a final shot!