Julia @ 'Skintight' - this family is a complete mess

What's it about?

Jodi goes to NY to visit her father as her ex-husband is getting re-married to a younger woman, but finds her father is dating a younger man himself.  She questions why beauty is all anyone cares about instead of what's inside.

My experience

I thought it wasn’t gonna happen. I thought there wasn't a chance at getting a ticket for this show. Then literally the day I got the email with the ticket to Skintight and I jumped out of my chair. I was like “Fuck everyone! I get to see Idina Menzel!!!!

If only I had known what I was about to fucking endure. 

This show made me appreciate my family for all the times I've wished for a better one. The Issac family is a complete mess...and we only get to see half of it. Jodi runs off to New York to get away from her ex-husband who is about to marry the 20-something-year-old girl named Madison that ruined their marriage while Jodi's own father, Elliot, is dating a 20-something-year-old boy named Trey.


Jodi saw Trey as a gold digger, and boy did I agree with her. Yelling at the butler when it's your sugar daddy (who had no problem with the butler whatsoever) who's paying him sure as hell qualifies you as a gold digger.

I didn't really understand the relationship between the two. At times, I saw Elliot and Trey's relationship as one between a father and a son mixed with lust and I got really uncomfortable. There was a moment when Elliot took away Trey's phone because he was texting someone he said he wasn't and Trey legit threw a tantrum like a child. 

Jodi and her son, Ben, agreed together that there was something up with Trey, and that was when Ben told Jodi that he saw Trey in porn - porn specifically about straight men trying gay things. You know what Jodi said to that? "SHOW ME!!" I kept thinking, why is this me?!

Near the end, after allegations were said, Jodi and Elliot were left alone and talked. They gave each other their definitions of love and at this point I started to get upset and jealous. Issac’s definition was much more lustful and Jodi’s was more about caring for someone regardless of that. Their analysis went so deep and they heavily disagreed with each other. I was fighting the urge to leave. I was holding back tears. I kept thinking about myself, like, what if I never have someone in either way. These characters had experienced love despite their circumstances and I hadn’t. 

Despite my hatred for Trey, I wanted to tell Jodi to leave Elliot the fuck alone. He’s 70 years old, and although I don’t agree with the age difference either, this is what is making him happy. Once your past 18, you can love or fuck whoever the hell you want as long as consent is involved. 

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