Julia @ 'Spyscape Spy Musuem' - I’m gonna be a fifth wheel. wtf.

What's it about?

Experience the world of spydom as you learn about the history of spies in the U.S. and take part in activities to build up your spy profile. "Dodge lasers. Crack codes. Lie and spot liars. Discover your inner spy."

My experience.

Note: Pictures are not by me as I was too lazy to take pictures.

I only asked my brother, Yury, and his wife, Jenny, to join me in this. Then I find out they invited a friend and her new boyfriend when we already got there. I was like really? I’m gonna be a fifth wheel, wtf.

  source                                                          secretly wishing to go home after two minutes

source                                                         secretly wishing to go home after two minutes

I didn't protest. I said hello and shook Gia and Rahul's hands when we met them inside in the lobby like a proper person. When Rahul said hello, he had a fucking British accent - and if you know me, I love all things UK. Apparently the two met on Tinder, which they brought up when we saw a bunch of security cameras lined up in a row on a wall from a bunch of different websites. 

  source  in order Whatsup, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, Goodle, Twiiter, Apple, Grindr

source in order Whatsup, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, Goodle, Twiiter, Apple, Grindr

  source  scanner is the round glowy thing on that structure next to the kid

source scanner is the round glowy thing on that structure next to the kid

When we walked in we got these bracelets that we had to scan with scanner to activate an activity. I thought it was really clever to make the S look kind of like a question mark. 

So, the very first thing we did was waste time on a line to try and scan our bracelets on some station pole (idk what they are technically called).  We answered a bunch of questions that would go into determining our spy profile. Then a staffer came up to us and told us that there were other stations around the museum and so we didn't have to wait for the people in front of us to finish. And you know what we did? We fucking stayed put. I asked my brother if we could just move on and he said no.

______                         ______


Anyways, those poles had activities you could do after you finished answering questions. They had activities to assess your risk like filling up a balloon before it pops and then there were timed math questions that I just straight up failed.

I thought I was taking the SAT all over again. FML



When we walked around, there were facts written on the walls about spies throughout U.S. history. A particular thing that a certain spy did was then made into an activity in some physical form. The first thing we saw was how American spies learned how to decode secret German messages in WWII, and then we got to try to decode messages ourselves on this foosball table-like thing.

Two of my favorite activities were:

Dodging fucking lasers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Learning how to detect a liar.

There were other activities like hacking and surveillance that we somehow skipped. After the lasers, we were pooped. We did the Debrief where we found out what kind of spies we were based on the data we collected. Rahul, Gia, and I were all Intelligence Operatives while Yury and Jenny were Spy Masters (capturing enemy spies). 

When it was time to leave, we legit got lost trying to figure out how to exactly exit. First, I, the brave one, asked the security guard how we can leave, and he said its after the Debrief. After we did that, I pushed open a door that said Exit and saw more doors with the Exit signs. I opened another door and when I looked inside the door from across said NOT AN EXIT. We were stuck in a hallway for two minutes when Rahul opened a door to my left that led us back to where we started. We saw the same security guard right next to the door and he legit said "oh my god [you idiots]." XD

I would highly recommend visiting this place while its still open. They close at the end of July. The technology looked state of the art and made the experience much more heightened. It was cool to play a spy for a few hours, but I think I'll stick to music.

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