My favorite this is to travel and explore beyond my limits
My favorite thing is to be surrounded by those who love me
My favorite thing is to eat my favorite snacks such as tootsie rolls, chips, and turkey sandwiches
My favorite thing is to gossip with my twin sister about everything that is going on in our individual lives
My favorite thing is to uncover many things in my culture I have not known before

Hello, My name is Houssaynatou (Who-say-not-to) Barry. I am known to family as the outspoken twin and to others as the comedian of one in a million. As a sophomore at John Jay College, I tend to be the average college student with dreams of having the perfect life but in reality I am far from it. But with the help of the knowledge I gain from school, that dream will someday become a reality. In my world I go by a distinctive motto - "live life to the fullest as if it is your last day". With family and friends support, education, and that motto as a driving force, anything can be possible.