• Jonathan

    The first show I ever saw, I think was Oliver when I was 3 or 4. I remember very little of it. The first Broadway show I saw was the revival of the Music Man in 2001, when I was 6, but I do not remember it very well, and it did not make a huge impact on me. My second Broadway show, Wicked, in 2004, made a huge impact on me, and I remember the experience very well.

  • Lizzy

    My first play was a tour production of Grease when it came to a local city. I think I was about 5 or 6. I loved going to see it because at the time i was crazy about the movie. I don;t really remember much about the actual performance just that i went and saw it live and loved it along with the movie.

  • Adina

    My First Show that I saw was Phantom of the opera. I really dont remember much about it it was so long ago. The first show that I remember is A Tail of Two Cities which was my second show. It was a really good show and it had many suprises and many sad but realistic points in it. I recommended this show to a few of my friends. I really enjoyed that show and i believe that it was the start of my life long theatre life.

  • AlyssaZ

    The first play I saw was Beauty & The Beast (even though this is a musical). I was very young and went with my dad and brother and we were both excited because we had just seen the Disney movie and felt special because we knew the whole story plot…which is why I cried when the intermission came becuase I thought they were ending the play. My dad still laughs at me for that

  • Sami

    My first play was Tale of Two Cities. I was maybe 15, or 16 at the time… hehe, late-theatre girl.

    It was amazing! The singing, the action, the emotion! I even cried. And at the end, I got to meet the cast. I wish I could see it again, actually.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07848391204158127376 ben

    My first play was "Fiddler on the roof". I was 12. I thought it was very insightful and the singing was awesome. The only thing I would critique is the lack of props, everything else was truly Broadway class.

  • Dalia

    I can't say with certainty which performance can be fitted with the labely of my 'first play', because my memory isn't too gleeful at the prospect of calling up the distant past. I do, however, remember going to the New Victory Theater staring from age 6 or 7. The NVT style of minimalist staging (effective but spare set, very little props, etc.) heightened my sensitivity towards the importance of the absence/presence of actual objects in acting, depending on the play content and requirements. I loved going with my parents and brother, seeing all the bright lights, taking in the drama and the ambient, warm atmosphere of the theater. The performances were always child-friendly and I enjoyed the plays immensely.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08184008441082197068 ben

    I'm pretty sure the first show I saw was Babes in Toyland at a community theater. I was probably 7 or 8 (probably 7) at the time. I actually don't remember anything about the play itself, but the whole experience left me mesmerized.

    You know what, scratch that. I think the first show I saw was the Big Apple Circus–although I'm not sure this counts as a play. (I loved it too, in any event.)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02844830318483552492 Nathaniel

    -The first play I saw was probably a childrens theatre production of Julie and the Wolves in Seattle.
    -I was around 4 or 5
    -I LOVED it because I was very into wolves.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00716595564877356935 nunny

    The first play I saw was The Phantom of the Opera and I was about 14 or 15 years old. My mom was able to get tickets through a friend who wasn't able to go that night so it was really unexpected. A month later I saw the movie version and well let's just say I am thankful I saw it onstage! I loved the wardrobe and my favorite song was Masquerade. I was obsessed with the music. Now after seeing several plays I realized how "cliche" the story was but when I was 14 still new to theater, I loved it.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14532153578983713181 jjayjazz23

    The first play I EVER saw was probably, if i remember correctly "Spring Awakening" when it was still in previews. I was in the TDF Open Doors program. Mr. Ellman and Bobby Longbottom were my mentors. My best friend was in the program with me and we sat together. I think I was in my junior year of high school so i was about 17. I loved the play soooooooo much! And Spring Awakening became such a frenzy that it was the perfect show to see as my first play. I didn't have a single sour comment to say about the show after i saw it.

  • Sarah S.

    The first performance I saw was the opera "The Magic Flute", when I was 8. I remember being fascinated by the music, and wondering why the Queen of the Night sang in such a high register. To this day, I love that opera, as well as several others.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06147523079465511859 Christa

    Hmm…I guess technically my first musical was "Little Women" for a trip for my English class in my freshman year of high school…let's just say I pretend that that's not the first one I saw haha.

    After that, I guess it was "Hairspray" in my sophomore year of high school? And that was incredible! It was hilarious and had amazing songs and a great story.

    I'm really curious to hear what other people say haha.

  • Sabrina

    The first play I ever saw…was probably The Diary Of Anne Frank. I must have been 12, maybe younger.
    I thought it was really powerful and memorable. I remember laughing at some parts but being frightened and saddened by the ending. It was really good though.

    The first Broadway show I saw was Little Women, a musical, and I was 14. It was laughable and a disappointment.

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