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Thru Jan. 6th • $30 student rush • Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center, 150 W. 65th St. website

@LaGuardiaStudentsSee #WarHorse @LCTheater #WhatDoYouThink?

@Jeremy C
#WarHorse was great. Horses were #wavy. Cried my eyes out. Totally recommend it. #Joey #Topthorn #horsesrppl2 #swag #neigh

@Caitlin DB
#WarHorse made powerful commentary on strength of friendship/love during wartime.

@James A
Half the time I thought the horses were real. #realisticpuppets #puppetswag

@Dan R
Just saw #Warhorse. Loved it. Glad the horse lived. #glueshortage

@Maddi F
Puppeteers behind animals of #Warhorse had #skillz #chamelon Great production. Beyond that, the play was overdone. Melodrama suffocates metafiction. #justsayin #yayhorses #horselova

@Sam M
The #warhorse puppets were simply lively and well presented. Especially the goose. #honk

@Isis M
#Warhorse would be a play I’d recommend, the duck was my favorite character. #aflacduck

@Alessa B
A #teardropping sensation of true love between Joey and Albert.

@Genai B
Second time seeing War Horse and even more spectacular! I loved the heartwarming relationship between Albert and Joey.

@Anna S
Saw #WarHorse yesterday. Music and sound effects gave an authentic feeling of war time.

  • Jenifeer S

    This play was AMAZING, i wouldnt think twice about going to watch it again.

  • Jacqueline

    @warhorse was a good play it brought tears to my eyes. I liked the sound effects too. #warhorse

  • Jennifer Alvarez

    This play was Amazing , all the sound effects and puppets seemed so real :)

  • Victor Figueroa

    Show was really great and enjoyed the affect. Really gave the feeling that you was apart of it. Kind of a typical ending but i loved it.

  • #Actorsfrozeninplacewhhaattt Jennifer M.

    Great Play! I LOVED when the lieutenants were talking, the sound went off, the actors froze in place, and the stage rotated so the audience can see all of the actors. Also, when the gun shot went off and the audience jumnped. It was great!

  • ahmdullah Samady

    The effects of the show were crazy. I forgot that the puppetiers were even there sometimes.

  • erion Ahmetaqj

    i almost cried my eyes out when they took the horse away and i just couldn’t believe it.

  • Horse named Joey?

    I enjoyed the effects, but didn’t really care for the storyline. #WhywasthehorsesnameJoey? #that’snotanormalhorsename #littleFrenchgirlwasfunny

  • #Friedrich

    Interesting plot, believable actors. What happens next? @WarHorse

  • Showwasmeanttomakemencry

    Little known fact: I cried.

  • FrenchGirl

    OMG! Just saw #WarHorse @Lincoln Center. Great, but I think I went blind and deaf. #horsewaytoobig #Joey #brightlights #gunshots #Davidhadniceeyes

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