• Ammar mulla

    If I handed to make a choice to stay or go I would stay because I thought he was more happier in the Netherlands.i chooses Netherlands because I would like to be a kid for the rest of my life, and as you grow older you get more problems in your life just like what happened to Peter Pan.You will get more responsibility as you grow up and your life will get more difficult.Who would want to leave the Netherland where there is so much happiness.Where we have friends and family caring for you as we saw in the play.

  • Deandre Smith

    If I was given the option to stay “kid” forever I would because even though I don’t know what it feels like to become an adult yet i know how it feels to be a kid.

  • jeffrey

    If I had to make a decision on whether staying in Netherland or not I definetly would have stayed.The why is because why not be a kid forever.You never have to worry about anyone but yourslef.And plus when you grow older there are complicated things you have to do.Like having responsibilties,working,and paying bills.All these are things a kid will someday being doing themselve,so instead of doing that just be a kid for life.

  • Asadur Refat

    Yes i would stay in Neverland because is not only a peaceful place but a place with wounder. Its a place with a lot excitement, fresh air every were. Also you would not need to worry about anything you could simply live a happy and restful life.

  • Margaret O

    I would live a normal life , staying in Neverland would be outrageous. Someday I really do plan to grow up. Although going on adventures sounds quite tempting but I leave that to my childhood.

  • Biondina

    If I had the choice to stay in Neverland or go back home I would choose to stay in Neverland.I would choose to stay in Neverland because I would love to be a kid forever,and I would have endless freedom.I know that it would be where I belonged.

  • Giovanni B

    If I had a choice to stay in Neverland or live a normal life I would stay in never because when a person grows older there is always a longing to go back to your childhood days and if you remain in neverland you will never have to worry about that

  • http://aol ann neary

    Unbelievably clever and entertaining!

  • Brianna

    I would stay in Neverland because I would go on new adventures everyday.

  • Ashadur Omith

    If i had a choice to stay in Neverland or live a normal life, i would choose to live a normal life. Living as a kid forever wont make me enjoy that moment, it would always just be the same. But if i had to live a normal life, i’d embrace everyday in which those memories are extremely memorable. On the other hand, there would be no memories in Neverland if Im always going to be a kid. Also there’s a time in life when you have to move on And that’s what makes life so interesting. #Liveyourlife #embracethemoment

  • Leadre

    Oh and I Would go to Neverland Because I Wouldn’t Want To be A kid for the rest of my life I would want to grow up .

  • Leadre

    I feel like the play had good scenery , good sound effects and Molly had good a good vocabulary ! I also liked the ending where they were mermaids and they were dancing. Overall I really liked this play and If I was to rate this play it would probably get 4 or a 4.5 , I thought the play was really funny also . Additionally I liked how they used the rope and turned it into different like things like the door , stairs , room and monster. I wouldn’t mine to go watch it again !

  • Jennifer D

    I would stay in Neverland because something like that could only come once. I wouldnt like to turn down a chance like Molly had.

  • shannon Lule

    I would not stay in Netherland actually. This would be because I’d miss reality too much and I would want to be able to grow up and experience all that life has to offer. Although there might be more freedom and joy in Netherland, there won’t be much of anything that I want in life. I wouldn’t be able to face the harddship in life or what it takes to be a real women. So I’d reather come back to reality because to me, that’swhere my heart would be, not in some magical fantasy land where it would be fun to spend a day at most in. The Nethrtlands just woudn’t be a correct home for me.

  • Adel Celic

    I think that if I was given a choice I would leave Neverland and go back home. This is because over time I would start to miss my family and I would want to grow up normally around a family that I love. Neverland would seem like a place for loneliness and isolation so that is why I would rather got back home.

  • Kristie.C

    If it were I would stay in the island and remain a child. Growing up means more responsibility and challenges. When your a kid there’s not much to worry about. Also if I were peter I’d stay in the island and live the childhood I missed as an orphan.

  • Lemuel Ovalles

    If I had choice to leaving Neverland to live a normal life (AKA growing older) or staying on the island and being a kid forever it would be to stay there because really who doesn’t want to be a kid forever. Is not the same like going to a normal world, you don’t have to follow rules that sound ridiculous to you, is like your own world. It may sound hard to live there but you can learn how to survive there.

  • Ashley H

    If I was in Peter Pans place I would leave Neverland. His dream throughout the play was to become a real boy why would he just give up that dream, I wouldn’t. He would be with Molly who he likes and be able to be a real boy.

  • Julissa

    If i hat to choose between staying at Neverland or going back home i would stay at Neverland to enjoy my childhood and go have a life full of adventures. -J.H

    • Julissa


  • Dania

    I would leave Neverland because everything stays the same on that island. If I leave, I get to experience and learn new things even if it does mean growing older.

  • Tiana

    If i could go to Netherlands or stay on the island forever i would chose Netherlands. Although, being a child is great and innocent soon you have to learn responsibility. Netherlands would a great place to go to especially because Peter gets to go with Molly. They have a little thing going on ,which i think is really cute. This play was very entertaining and creative.

  • Refat Monjur

    If I was Peter and had the choice of leaving Neverland or staying on the island, I would go back to Neverland so I could live a normal life.

  • lussany

    well, in my opinion, if i had the option of staying in neverland or going home, i would most likely stay in neverland because its going to be like the “dream land” i wanted , where i dont worry about grown ups being mean , where i can make my rules, do whatever i want and have freedom . Even thought yes, i would miss my family but in neverland im going to have another family and friends with me. So, going home would not be my option.

  • Marien Rodriguez

    I would actually go, i wouldn’t like to be a kid forever because eventually i would want to grow older and discover new and exciting things.

  • Cheyenne R.

    I would stay in neverland with Peter and enjoy being a child. Living at home will only allow me to eventually have me encountering old age and death. If neverland can prevent that I’ll stay.

  • Lisbett

    If i were Peter i wouldn’t stay at Neverland because i would eventually get bored of being in the same place FOREVER. Also i would leave because i won’t bear to watch the love of my life slip out of my hands into someone else’s hands. Lastly i would leave because i can always come back if i would like to.

  • Celia

    I would stay in Neverland because it would give me the opportunity to stay a kid forever.

  • jose

    if i had the option to stay in or leave neverland i would leave because back at home i have more things to do and i would feel safer because in neverland you are living in the wilderness and you are far away from civilization

  • Farhanul tanmim

    I liked the show, Peter and the star catcher. I think the lighting and sound effects were great. I mostly liked the part when the pirate loses his hand. I am willing to recommend this play to everyone. And I thank tdf for making our trip possible.

  • Lesly

    I think I would have stayed in Never Land because if I felt the same way for Peter as Molly did then that would have encouraged me to stay. It also seems like a lot of fun to stay a kid forever and own your own island. And I’m a big fan of Tinker Bell so I would have been the happiest person in the world there.

  • Lesly

    I think I would have stayed in Never Land because if I felt the same way for Peter as Molly did then that would have encoureged me to stay. It also seems like a lot of fun to stay a kid forever and own your own island. And I’m a big fan of Tinker Bell so I would have been the happiest person in the world there.

  • Melanie M. :)

    I would stay in neverland, why would I stay ? I would stay because of the fun & and enjoyment, plus the freedom. Yeah, I would miss home ( Well sort of )but neverland is more freedom . Also , who wouldn’t want to be a kid forever , that is so cool:). NO bills, just freedom , ahh that would be Heaven.

  • Alejandra Garcia

    I would stay because it would become my home and I would be with people I cared about also. I would probably never age but that would be okay because I would be taking care of Neverland.

  • Kazi Nawaz

    If the choice was mine to make, i would choose to stay at the island of Never land. This would be an obvious choice, yet the fact that all Peter wanted to do is just “be a boy” for once. All his life he was kicked from one place to another, being disregarded. He should have the time to get that childhood back. Also when adulthood approaches, the amount of worries and enemies increase substantially. So the fact that he is given the choice is a privilege and i would choose Never land, as Peter also wanted to. Although Peter will eventually get tired of being a kid and return acting as people his age would, he will always have that choice. That is a choice for him to make, I would absolutely stay a “kid” because being a kid is the best part of life.

  • Shadene S.

    If I was in Peter’s position , I would stay . Peter seemed happy in Neverland . I think he should do whatever makes him happy . Although he wouldn’t have Molly there -he’d still be happy . Neverland is his home . It helped him to really find and understand him self . Peter is at home there . It would only be a cherry on top if Molly could be there to witness all the great things there .

  • Nicole

    If I had a choice to live in Never land or go home, I would choose to stay in Never land. Reason I say that is because I would want to stay a kid. I would have more to see instead of growing up and be a grown up. If I was in Peter Pan’s shoes I would stay because I would want to stay with my father and be a Starcatcher.

  • Mateo Rivera

    If I had a choice to stay in Neverland or go to my home I would stay in Neverland. I am very sure that I would miss my friends and family, but to have an opportunity like that I cannot let it pass by. Just imagine yourself a kid again, finally able to stuff you cant do as an adult. There are stuff I like to do as a kid that I wont be able to do when I get older. I would stay, would you?

  • Christine

    if i were given an option to either stay at Neverland or go back home i would pick to stay at Neverland. Yeah I would miss my family and friends but Neverland would become my home. I would no longer feel lonely or scared because i would finally belong somewhere. I would belong at Neverland.

  • gabriel

    My answer: I would stay in Neverland because there’s more freedom and I got to be with the people I’ve been with for a long time.

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