• Julia Z

    I firmly believe that Edwin Drood wasn’t actually murdered, and I was just a little bit peeved that the cast voted on that subject without asking the audience.

    Regardless, I think that John Jasper tried to kill Drood but failed, due to his mental instability. The story that he described to the audience when he confessed was along the lines of, “I woke up with my nephew Edwin dead at my feet; I did not know what I had done but assumed I had killed him during one of my fits.” This is an interesting idea, but I would have like the ending of the play to be more concrete and tangible, with an explanation for every plot twist in the story. I also would have preferred if the love story at the end was between two realistic characters as opposed to Princess Puffer and the town drunk. For example, I would be interested to see Rosa and Neville Landless engage in a love story, because there was a back story to that throughout the play; Neville made it clear that he was interested.

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