Colman Domingo’s journey through Sandy.

Tony-nominated actor, Colman Domingo, shared his Hurricane Sandy journey with PxP.
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I live in Hell ’s Kitchen, and I was spared during and after Hurricane Sandy. The lights flickered maybe twice, but that was it. My view of the city is south from my window, so I could see that the south end of the city was in darkness. I made my home a haven for a few friends who needed to come by the next day and shower, recharge phones, use internet, eat a meal and just have some simple social time in the warmth of my apartment. I made sure that I had a lot of clean towels in case a friend was in need of a shower.


My show Wild with Happy had just opened at the Public Theater, and the theater was dark. It would be for the next five days. I was honestly exhausted from months of back-to-back work, so I took it as a welcome mini-vacation. I would do my part in helping loved ones and friends keep their spirits up, stay fed, clean, and charged as the East Coast was desperately trying to recover. I pretty much stayed in the area of 42nd Street to 59th Street West. The devastation seemed to be a world away as what I saw on the news was not in my immediate vicinity. I was lucky. I am so grateful.


Oh, and I went to see my best friend Daniel Breaker in The Performers!
– Colman Domingo

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