The #lostsongs of ONCE

The #lostsongs of ONCE

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Have you ever seen a musical and thought: I really thought that ___________ was going to break into song when _________ happened.

In a musical all about the music, ONCE, we want to know: what song would you add?
If you had to write another song in ONCE:

  1. Who would sing it?
  2. When would they break into song?
  3. What would they sing? (give us a taste of the lyrics)

Share your ideas in the comments.
I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

  • Cat Kearns

    Throughout the play I kept wanting to know more about the ex-girlfriend. i felt like if we knew here we would have more inner conflict thus creating more depth to the play. I think she could have been introduced in the very beginning of the play. She should have been part of the opening scene. Perhaps she is waiting at a buss stop, while water mists around her face from the gray skies. I would add the following lyrics
    A cup of coffee in the morning and your arm around mine lifts me out of the dark and into the light
    We laugh about the moments we’ll make, and plan for adventures we might never even take
    Bliss in bliss in bliss with you, and I and the music of dawn to noon

    A cup of coffee in the morning and the rhythm of time lifts me out of the light and into the dark
    This love is a leach from the first of my life
    I belong to the theater, to the stage, to the lights

    I’ve always thought we could find our way in the skies
    But what I’ve come to know is
    Two birds can’t fly side by side
    I need room to spread these things of mine

    A cup of coffee in the morning and rhythm of time lifts me out of the dark and into the light
    I’m free from the weight of your arm and stiffness of your bed
    I wake up with nothing in front of me but a dream that has yet to be fed
    You have your cup of coffee, and I’ll have mine
    Say goodbye because my love your out of time

    My time is just beginning as yours seems to be depleting

  • Christopher Andia

    I feel like Billy should have has his own song, he was such a funny unusual character that it would have been nice to see that. I would probably fit it in right when he gets in his funk after the recording session.
    Part of what he would say would be..

    Then Guy came along,
    He swept her off of her feet,
    Singing her a song,
    With which I could not compete,
    So I sit her with Rioja in my glass,
    With this girl, to guy, I will pass.

  • Iasmim Rocha

    I thought that at the very beginning of the play, Guy could have sung a song the moment after his girlfriend left him. He could have sang: (This is the middle of the song)

    I want to hold your hand
    And clumsily fall down to the ground
    I want back all those nights
    On the hill looking down at the city lights

    And I almost, and I almost, and I almost
    And I almost, and I almost, and I almost had you

    And I almost
    And I nearly
    And I could have
    But I barely
    But I let go
    And I didn’t have you

  • sekani

    2. Somewhere near the middle of the play
    3. I want you; I need you
    I can’t have you
    I know how i feel inside
    I wonder if you’re sad too

  • Charlotte Moogan

    If I had to write another song for ONCE, I would have Guy and Girl sing a duet. Instead of it being a traditional duet, they would sing it as if they were in their separate rooms in two separate places yet singing the same song. They would break into song right after they looked over Ireland and after Girl told Guy that she loved him in Czech. They would be realizing their love for each other but then realizing that they could never be together. One part I think this song would include is: Two different pieces/ From two different puzzles/ Just don’t fit. Despite all this lust/ This feeling inside/ My mind won’t quit. This would be the chorus and one line would be Guy, one would be Girl and the next would be then together. So, if I were to write another song for ONCE, those are the lyrics I would write and where I would put it.

  • Michael Ramirez

    1. Guy would sing this song.
    2. Towards the end, shortly after he finds out that he’s going to New York without Girl.
    3. Right now, I know, I’m being a hypocrite,
    And you won’t be happy, I know you’ll be sick of it
    But me and you are done
    And now I’m gone

  • Emily Gutierrez

    If I were to incorporate another song in Once, it would definitely be sung by Girl. There wasn’t much of an even distribution of songs between her and Guy, so I definitely think she deserved another chance to sing. The song would happen right after she reveals to Guy that she loves him, but in a way that he can’t understand (by saying it in Czech). Instead of Guy singing after this moment, it’s the perfect place for Girl to give us insight on how she’s feeling, and why she felt she had to hide her love from Guy. The lyrics may go a little something like this:

    It looks like rain
    a storm passing through
    an uncontrollable force causing pain
    since I met you
    Miluji tě

    Your voice, your presence, your touch
    Ignites a spark in me
    So soon these feelings have become too much
    Without you, my world cannot be
    Miluji tě

  • Jasmen Khan

    1) Someone who would sing another song is Girl
    2) She would break out into song at the end of the play, a few months after Guy has left her.
    3) Her song would be called Come Back to Me. This song is about how much she misses him and wants him to come back… hence the reason for the title of the song.

    Fallen Flat
    Our love is now
    I must say goodbye
    But I don’t know how

    I miss you more
    each and everyday
    How much I’ve wanted for you to stay
    Come back to me
    Oh, come back to me
    My love just come back to me

  • Sylvia

    I really thought that Guy could be singing a song about his old girlfriend in his room, instead of listening to a recorded song that he did in the past with his old girlfriend. I wrote a song called “Stay With Me.” This song could happen right when Girl leaves his room after Guy tried to make his move on her. This could show how Guy feels lonely and still has feelings for his past girlfriend. And that loneliness reflects in his action towards Girl. He wanted something to comfort him, and he thought Girl could be his solution.

    Here is some of the lyrics of the song STAY WITH ME,

    Who promised that you could just walk away?
    Who agreed that this is the end?
    You make me dream every day,
    Is that what you intend?

    It’s so complicated and I feel smothered
    I’m drowning in tears
    We don’t even see each other
    It’s so hard to bear.

    Stay with me,
    Stay with me,
    continue our unfinished love
    and this melody

    Stay with me,
    Stay with me,
    live with my heart
    and we can be free

    I admit that I haven’t done my best,
    I will work hard to give you more.
    So can we please progress
    I will meet you expectations , so let us soar.

    Stay with me,
    Stay with me,
    continue our unfinished love.
    and this melody

    Stay with me,
    Stay with me,
    live with my heart
    and we can be free.

    Stay with me,
    Stay with me,
    continue our unfinished love.
    and this melody

    Stay with me,
    Stay with me,
    live with my heart
    and we can be free.

  • Carlos Caraballo

    1. I really thought that Guy should have sang a song when he left to the big city, it would have gave the scene more of a dramatic feel to it.
    2. Guy would break into song when girl got the piano and he was finally gone, the directors should have had Guy stand right in front of Girl and Billie but they are not able to see him.
    3. The lyrics Guy would sing are “I’m going, going and now I’m gone. I’m going, going I’m moving on. To the Great city, where destiny lies. And you’ll be proud of me, I see it in your eyes”

  • Malwina Lupinska

    While viewing this play, the scene that I was most drawn to included that of Guy and Girl overlooking the view of the city. Although we as audience members got the opportunity to learn how Girl really felt about Guy, Guy was left dumbfounded since Girl refused to bring her emotions to the surface. Instead she confessed her love to him in Czech which left Guy more confused about their relationship. After this encounter, I really thought that she was going to break into a song in which she truly expressed how she felt. When she didn’t, I found myself to be very disappointed by her lack of confidence which shined through her soft interior throughout the entire play. I think that a song in which Girl finally lets her guard down is essential in this part of the play and for this reason I think that Girl should break into a song once she says I love you in Czech. Whilst performing this song, Guy would fade into the background and give her the privacy that she longs for. The song would reinforce her love for Guy and would start with the following verse: You are the music in me/ An uplifting melody/ My fragile heart regains its beat/ I need your words desperately/ Miluji tě. Each verse will end with the phrase I love you in Czech to symbolize the force that is stopping her from revealing her true feelings from him.

  • Franchesca Castillo

    After seeing ONCE I felt like the ending was a bit disappointing because I was curious if Guy was going to try to win Girl back or just go to New York. And for that reason I think during the end of the musical when Girl tells him to go to New York to chase his ex, he should sing a song to her expressing how he feels because as the audience we don’t see Guy’s emotions that much. This song that he would be singing is an explanation to Girl about how he isn’t interested in his ex anymore because she left him torn apart and Girl was the one who came into his life and brought back that passion he use to have for his music and for love.
    The lyrics were inspired by Guy telling Girl that its been five days that they know each other now. So each day shows how she inspired him and how he felt on that day.
    Day one
    You showed me you believed in me
    You told me I could get her back
    Use my love of music,
    and feel my voice and soul come back

    Day two
    You began to bring me back to the surface
    Breathing for me, until I could on my own
    You took me to your home, made me one of your own
    But you never stopped pushing me towards her

    I was here torn apart
    Not looking for anyone
    Lost in the dark
    Where silence sung its spell
    Confusion wraps my body tight
    Follow the echo of my voice
    Saw something in me that you could rewrite
    Saw something in you that I can’t describe

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