Mrs. Watts rocked PXP’s world.

Mrs. Watts rocked PXP’s world.

Did she rock yours, as well?


TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL is all about the journey of Mrs. Watts (played by Cicely Tyson).

PXP wanted Mrs. Watts to be our grandma, we loved her.
Did you love her, too? (we know you did!)

Why did we like her SO much?
Why was she so compelling?
Did she remind you of anyone you know?

  • Sadia Rashed

    I liked Cecily Tyson’s performance as Ms.Watts because she brought up this whole character of an old lady in her act. The way she made little jokes, her arguments with her daughter in law and love and care for her son reminded me of my grandma who also does that. She did an incredible job as Ms.Watts and the desire of the character Ms.Watts to visit the Bountiful was well reflected in the performance by Ms.Watts. I found not a single moment where i was feeling that it was an act. I was wide awake and was witnessing the act as if it was reality. I also like her as Ms.Watts because she had this loving and caring tone when she was talking to her son and with the young lady she met in the bus. Not everyone can bring up such emotions in their performance the way she did without even getting tired, she continued acting for so long which was also amazing to applaud for.

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    I liked Mrs. Watts very much ,she was eloquent while playing her character and was so funny, and just a lovely woman. My favorite part was when she was in the Harrison bus station singing and dancing with Thelma. She plead her character so well. She made the play more alive and outgoing.

  • mimi

    OMG Mrs Waltz was very funny ,adorable and just perfect ! i really enjoyed the play. and Mrs Waltz was the best actress

  • Naomi Rodriguez

    Wow! I loved her! She did amazing. Everything about her character she played it so well. She was so into character that I felt every emotion she portrayed all throughout the play. Loved it! She reminded me of my grandmother or I think any grandmother can be compared to her, she did great.

  • Naomi Rodriguez

    Wow! I love this woman! She did an amazing job. Everything about her character she played it so well. She made the play seem so surreal. She was so into character that she made me feel every emotion she portrayed throughout the play. She reminded me of my grandmother or any other grandmother I think could be compared to her. Love her!

  • maggie

    Cicily Played An excellent part in A trip to bountiful. She Was the perfect person to Play Ms Watts. She Was Funny And sneaky. She did everything to Make it To bountiful. She Didnt let anything bring her down or prevent her from achieving what She Wanted. She Got back To bountiful And was happy.

  • yaribel

    Trip To Bountiful is a wonderful play,I recommend it to everybody.Mrs. Watts performance was great,awesome! ,I was in love with her character since the begging of the play. I really identify myself with her,she followed her dream,never gave up,and reach it. She is very funny,and energetic, anybody that go to watch the play would enjoy it. I loved how caring she is for her son,she had a lot of patience,and tried to make him happy through the play. My favorite play for now.

  • Young Ko

    She stayed in character even after a phone rang, people began to laugh.

  • Tulchand Singh RHHS

    Trip To Bountiful was an astonishing play. They’re three main characters Cicely Tyson, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Vanessa Williams. Cicely Tyson who played Mrs. Watts was the main character and she was loved by much of the audience. Mrs. Watts performance was performed very well she was passionate about her role, taking on the character very well. She had a lot of energy and was very funny. For example when she put the pension check in her bra and, forgot it there the whole time. She had a lot of patience and was very kind and caring. Mrs. Watts was also very determined and tried very hard to get her dream which was, going back to Bountiful. With all the determination she got back and was very happy after she saw her old house.

  • esthela orellana rhhs

    I liked Mrs. Watts very much ,she was effortless while playing her character and was so comic, enthusiastic,energetic and just a lovely woman. Especially, when it came to the part of the play when she was in the Harrison bus station singing and dancing with Thelma. Mrs. Watts reminds me so much of my bestfriend so dramatic sweet and lovely like her. She was extremely compelling , she plaed her characater so well , too well ! I can honeslty say im in live with Mrs watts !

  • Matthew Khan RHHS

    After watching the play Trip To Bountiful, I have to say that my favorite acter had to be Mrs.Watts. The reason being that she seemed to provide so much energy to the play and made it very funny. Her innocent but seemingly fiesty young carefree attitude disreguarding her age actual age made me feel obligated to stay focused on her to see what she would do next and how she would present her character. What made me feel so connected to her was her fiesty attitude which reminded me so much of my younger cousin who was always resepectful and patient but knew how to make a angry mood seem humouous and lively.

  • sabirah

    mrs.watts was a likable character from the beginning. her face and actions gave me an experienced feel, like she had been through so much. she also had a longing for something and was so passionate about it that i too became hooked on her getting what she wanted. she didnt remind me of someone personally but impressed me with her appreciation of the small things. she captivated the audience with the emotion she showed but also with the ones she hid for us to find. she was witty and fierce, yet comforting and kind. she spoke with a hint of wisdom which earned her my respect. from the way she carried herself to the way she sang her hymns, she had a story to tell all through her journey.

  • nicole ciprian RHHS

    Trip to Bountiful is a very captivating play. Mrs. watts was very liked because she was very funny and determined. Even with her old age and the obstacles she has with her son and daughter in law, she was still able to fullfill her dream of going back to Bountiful one last time before she died.

  • Kevin Gonzalez RHHS

    Mrs. Watts was a very unique, lovable character. She was so caring, and a heart warming person reminds me awfully a lot of my cousin’s personality.

  • siddiqa bhutta

    We liiked Mrs. Watts because she was the main character and the whole story was revolving around her. her character was caring and friendly that is the main reason why we liked her.
    Mrs. Watts reminded me of my grandmother because she also remembers her childhood days and she tells us her stories of those days. My grandmother is very caring and frank just like how Mrs. Watts got frank withn Thelma on the bus. i think Mrs. Watts ids alot like my grandmother because my grandmother also gets over excited over small things sometimes.
    Mrs. watts was so compelling because she was the main character and the whole play was based on her actions. the whole play was revolving around her conflicts and her decisions. she had more dialogues and that gave us a more clear veiw of who mrs. Watts really was, and her reasons for what she was doing. i had a good image of Mrs. watts backgound.

  • Saiful Ruman

    1.I liked Ms,watts so much because her character is full of life.I think without her the play would have been dull and boring.

    2.She reminds me of my great aunt, she is also full of energy and emotion even at the age of 80.

    3.I think she was so compelling because people can relate to her and find some one in their lives that are simillar to Ms,Watts character.

  • Genesis Pena Jimenez

    Mrs.Watts was a very funny and determined woman. She didnt give up on her dreams easily, and she was very caring and copmprehensive.

  • Hector M RHHS

    I liked Mrs Watts’ character because she was very friendly even if her daughter in-law was mean and disrespectful. She was so compelling because her character throughout the play was determined to get what she wants. She reminds me of my neighbor because she talks way too much

  • Ronito Lakhai

    I like her because she was a great actor for the part of Mrs.Watts,her voice was perfect,also she had lots of experience in the theatre.Her voice I think made her more compelling to watch she made her voice sometime sound helpless. Another thing that made her compelling was her body movements.

  • Jessica Garcia

    Mrs.Watts was a very persistant and determined woman. She is full of joy and even when Roy told her that her beloved friend Callie Davis was found dead the day before yesturday she was still willing to go to Bountiful.Mrs.Watts was a very strong woman she has in mind that she is getting older and her time may arrive, her most desire was to return to her home Bountiful.

  • Kevin C RHHS

    I liked the character Mrs Watts because she reveals all ambiance and love for her grandson and her loving wife , she was really compealing to me because she speaks what was on her mind and since shes a very sentimental woman she needs to be talked to with care and compassion concerning her age but her mind doesnt let it go to her head ,She reminds me of my grandmother because she wants the people that she loves to be happy even if it doesnt go directly to her as well and thats what makes her character soo great .

  • Ayarilis Martinez Richmond Hill High School

    this play was outstanding. mrs. watts is a great character. she is so compelling. i really enjoyed this play. the protagonist mrs. watts has such a strong characterization. she is very determined to get to her old home. at one point when mrs. watts heard the news about cali davis her old friend in bountiful died, i though it would be over. i really thought she was just going to give up after coming a long way and just go home, but that didnt happen. she kept going. she made it and she even risked her life with her heart condition and all. i really enjoyed it and hopefully theres even a part 2 :) THANKS FOR HAVING US.


  • stephany leroy richmond hill high school

    i loved mrs. watts she is a very caring and loving person. she cared about her son and her daugheter in law so much even though jessie mae was a bit rude towards her but she just want the best for her and her son. mrs. watts reminds me so much of my grandmother, they way she was dancing , saying “i’m a happy woman again” made me want to dance with her and have a good time. The only thing that worried me was her heart because my grandmother sufferd from heart problems as well and seeing mrs. watts fall at each scene made me cry a bit because thats a serious problem to handle. she was just a very happy women nothing stopped her from going to bountiful and when she made it i was truly happy and proud of her through all the trouble she’s been through she finally made it.

  • samantha namdeo richmond hill high school

    we liked mrs.watts so much because she was a very outstanding character. we liked that she was caring and loving about everything that she does. she was very strong and clear about what she wanted and she over came all the obstacles that came her way, like the fact that she had a heart condition she still wanted to go on the journey to bountiful. And her son luddi and her daughter in law Jessie Mai didnt want her to travel to go back to bountiful but she left to go on her journey and she didnt stop and let anything get in her way. her character was very strong and determined. she was compelling because she couldnt help but want to go bak to her home town bountiful. her character actually reminded me of my grandfather because he is the same way he doesnt let anything get in his way and he is a very determined person no matter what obstacles comes his way he always strives for what he wants just like mrs.watts

  • maheshwar

    the play was really good ! i enjoyed it! i like the character of mrs.watts. she was nice and loving. she never treated anyone she met bad and nice to everyone. she cared about every person she met, made jokes , and told ever one a story ! she was allso funny ! she never remembered where she put things but never forgot where she was going ! she was determined and i like that.

  • Ruby Reyes RHHS

    Mrs. Watts was a very amiable, unique character. She expressed personal feelings of love, consideration and thoughtfulness towards her environment. Mrs. Watts acted as the bigger person when she got into an arguemnt with her daughter in law, Jessie Mae. She apologized for the sake of her sons health and well being. She was in depth with her past describing events and moments that caused her to be where she was in the present moment. Mrs. Watts was a humorous, sweet yet tough person at all once when the time was right. She shows that even with her poor heart condition and her old age that she can be independent and travel without assistence to fulfill her dreams.

  • patrick bolden rhhs

    mrs.watts was a very outstanding character and she put on a fantastic display of emotion and energy into her character. she made the character really come alive with the way she was so encouraged to get back to bountiful with no exceptions she turned a maybe into a must under any means neccessary

  • Valerie

    Mrs.Watts was funny and sneaky.She never gave up on her dream.She was very persistent and strong.She reminded me of one of Tyler Perry’s movies.Mrs.Watts was very compelling because she was strong and when people had doubts she still wanted to follow her dream or last wish.Also’when she laughed and smile’she felt a bit hurt inside.

    • imrana

      I have learned a lot of things from watching the play Trip to bountiful. I really enjoyed the character Mrs, Watts, with out her the play would have been kinda of boring and not interesting. Her acting was incredible.I think like her acting was very realistically and that I could feel the emotion of the character through the performance. It’s amazing how Cecily Tyson was able to perform as Mrs. Watts at this age with full of energy.

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