Circus + Pippin: What is your circus, Olga Karmansky?

Circus + Pippin: What is your circus, Olga Karmansky?

PXP asked on of PIPPIN‘s circus performers, Olga Karmansky, a few questions about her circus:

  • Why do you love circus?

Circus embodies the passions I’ve been studying and training my whole life– rhythmic gymnastics and performance (dance, acting)– and raises the stakes. It’s an elevated form of artistry, and my favorite dose of adrenaline.

  • What is your ‘trick’ – your favorite or signature circus move – and how did that come to be your circus?

I love handstands! I do them everywhere, and all the time. Rhythmic gymnasts don’t invert–like ever. It’s actually against the code of points. When I transitioned into circus a few years ago, I began handstanding everywhere to adjust to life upside down. It’s addicting!


  • Has anything every gone wrong during a show, if so, how did you deal with that?

Improvisation! I’ve been getting out of messes at dance recitals since I was kid. Sometimes it would get me in trouble though! I love improv so much I joined ‘The Yes Show’ — a New York City improv group for a few years — I hope to get back to it!

  • Is there anything that scares you about circus performing?

I’m afraid of heights, but I crave conquering my fears, so I am able to overcome those concerns when I am up in the air. Injuries are what really scare me. To think that one slip can force to stop doing what you were born doing–that really scares me! Warm-up, preparation, education and safety precautions are all important factors in clearing your mind from such thoughts!


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