BOTCH: Message received.

BOTCH: Message received.

*photo by Steven Schreiber

“That old familiar feeling of being locked into patterns, unbreakable patterns, another spilling of brain frustrations, but maybe really it’s about mechanical dexterity, teeth tongue and gums refusing to obey the electronic signals being transmitted probably a boom to automatic writing too…”

Stringency situated in a spaceship,
Fulfilling its chaotic parabola back to the planet,
The circuit sparks, move away from stability,
Message received.

Rigid tongues, elongated to their limits,
And freed to the sound of a metronome,
Back and forth, forth and back,
Message received.

Man, woman, woman, man,
Relinquish control of the voice to find the voice,
Switch, swap, a power play,
Message received.

You swallow the old words that become new words,
You veer off the projected path,
To find scrambled eggs, secure in their shells,
Message received.

To open the floodgates and let the yolk pour out,
This system is cracked,
Let the cracks create
Message received.


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5 for 5: BOTCH from here on Vimeo.

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