• Mahfuza Akter

    When i saw the movie i fell enjoy. The actors acting is much batter. He did a beautiful & enjoyable acting. The others actor are also did a good act. I enjoy those part more when rocky went his girlfriend home and her brother throw the turkey outside. I saw the actor rocky he want to help the poor people but he dont have more money like a rich people. But he try & he has a contact to fight with a man the man is rich and he win all the fight he participate. Everyone respect him for his money. Last time i saw rocky & the man fight & rocky loss.

  • Rachel Carreon

    fue muy interesante porque fue el primer tiatro que yo fue :3 y lo encontre algo maraviyoso u.u y espero volver a verlo jaj…

  • Bassem Allahabi

    i like when rocky give the girl kiss because i think this true love so i see this very nice

    • Bassem Allahabi

      i like when rocky give the girl kiss because i think this true love so i see this very nice

  • Rachel Carreon

    Esto fue algo muy divertido eh interesante por

  • Marcos Baltazar

    I will like to the show again because is locate in manhattan and I like this place.

  • Marcos Baltazar

    I will like to the show again because is locate in manhattan and I like this place

  • http://alofokemusic.net wailyn perez

    I will see again the shows in Broadway Cuz the 2 show that I saw before was good and this show are MATILDA, & ROCKY. and this too was so good cuz they actors was good and also I will like to go again to BROADWAY cuz is in manhattan and I love manhattan..

  • Rutilio Vidals

    The experience was really so exiting, because was may second show on broadway and for now is the best, I like it because, they know how put efforce in his work, they show his work on this case.

  • Ronald Moreira

    I will stay because i dont think that i can get a opportunity for join in one show because i got scare that something are wrong and every body dont liked, so it for that the i will stay!!!! ^_^

    • Rachel Carreon

      Was a great day when i went to watch this show was the best i never seen before i love it!!!!!!!! i wish to have the opportunity to go again and see this excellent job that this people did for i get a big help for my performer in my school and i learn a lot

  • Conor Brennan

    I would have made the same choice as them especially if I was married or had someone across the world who I still had business with. It’s important to make amends with things.

  • Kari

    I don’t know what I would have done. Girl said it herself, she had a husband, she had a child to think about. She had a family and if she left her husband she would regret it. Everyday I would think about the husband that i left behind, i would wonder if we could have made it work. I do not doubt that Girl thinks everyday about Guy. She wonders if it could have worked. If she could have started a new family, if he was better, if she would have had a better life. But music was such a big part of both of their lives. And they both had an unfinished love. Part of me wants to believe that I would leave with Guy, i’d make the spontaneous choice to follow my heart, bring my daughter and follow the love of my life to New York. But the moral side of me believes that I would stay. But gah, do i wish that they got together!

  • Kayla Odom

    If i were girl i would have gone with guy. its evident that she loves him so she might as well have. plus on top of that they made beautiful music together and what made it even more special is that you could see the emotional connection between the two. in addition her husband wasn’t even there, and his girl left him and vanished to new york. it would have have been a great experience to share with guy and girl together, and start a new life with evanka, and girls mothers

  • http://pxp.tdf.org/?p=6654 Gabriel Cano-Garrawy

    I really feel like i would have made the same choice because even though they made a strong connection with each other, girl still had a kid and husband and i wouldn’t want to ruin what she had with him even if it meant giving up the person i truly loved.

  • Jacob Roger- Gordon

    I would’ve made the same choice as girl/ guy. As guy I would have a responsiblity to protect the sancitity of girl and her husbands relationship; because girl has a daughter with him. As guy i would realize that no matter what urges i feel i don’t have the right to do that to girl’s daugter, to take her father away from her.

  • Dominique

    If I were guy I would have done everything in my power to get girl to go with me. She was the reason he wanted to pursue music and why he wanted to live again. There was an obvious connection between the two and without girl, guy would have never been going to NY in the first place. Yes they all had pasts, Girls’ which included her daughter, and Guys’ which included his lover. However, Guys’ lover left without him to go to NY, while he still has the option to take Girl with him. Girl has been the only one that was able to change his life in a couple of days and change his perspective on life.

  • http://pxp.tdf.org/?p=6654 Gabriel Cano-Garrawy

    The use of the music in the play was brilliant and really kept everyone involved in the play even if they were not the main focus of the scene. The singing was also very good and helped tell the story in a unique way. I also really liked the use of the stage. The props used were really simple yet very effective and not distracting which was helpful as an audience member. I really enjoyed watching this play would recommend this play to others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AloraSade Alora S.

    I believe that this is a difficult situation, because even though they both have relationships in their past (Guy’s girlfriend and Girl’s husband), they have gained a relationship/connection between each other that would be difficult to just “drop”. As Girl, I would’ve tried to have a relationship with Guy, seeing as she does actually love him, she even said it. It’s obvious that Guy has strong feelings for her as well. I would’ve stayed with Guy, even if we do go travel somewhere, because that opens new doors in our relationship.

  • Jeniffer

    As Girl I would have gone to New York with Guy. I would have spoken with my husband and I would have told him that we used to be good together, but I wouldn’t be able to live with someone for the rest of my life when the person who i really want to be with is in New York. The man that i really genuinely love with my everything is going to another woman because i told him I wouldn’t stay with him. I know that my daughter could come along and my mother is a very understanding and supportive woman. I have spent my life family- bound, and maybe now is the time that I let go of that tradition and follow what i believe, because in the end, the most important thing is to be happy.

  • Haven Schneider

    I think that this is a hard question to answer. Generally, I personally really wanted Guy and Girl to stay together. However, they also just met and barely know each other, yet that could also be a reason to stay. If he does leave though, he has a chance to follow his dreams and do what he loves! That’s important, too. I think he should’ve just tried harder to convince Girl to come with him. If she still doesn’t, I think they should just keep in touch and he should leave. If they keep talking and have something, then they’ll figure something out between them.

  • Selini Drakos

    If I was Girl, I would’ve gone to New York with Guy because he loved Girl and he wanted to be with her. He was the one who offered to take her and Ivanka to New York and he told her that when he sings his songs, he thinks about her, not his ex-girlfriend. In addition to that, Girl’s husband had originally left her, so she shouldn’t be living with someone who doesn’t care enough about her to always stay with her.

  • Tess

    I would have stayed if I were Guy because he had already had relationship issues with the other girl who was in New York already. He should have known that it wasn’t going to work out with her. He should have seen the love girl had for him and that she was so helpful with his musical career. They had such great chemistry together and they had only known each other for such a little amount of time. I think they would have made a great couple together and that girl could have helped guy pursue his career further.

  • Anonymous

    I would have stayed with Girl if I was guy. I would have done this because there were already problems with my relationship with the other girl in New York. It also seemed as if guy and girl were really falling in love and would make a great couple. Guy should have also stayed because girl was really helpful in making a musical career for him. She could have been his manager or something. I just think that guy should have realized the chemistry he had with girl and known that she loved him.

  • Allison Zhao

    If I were the guy, I would have stayed to see if their was a possibility to further pursue a relationship with the girl. Although she says that her husband is returning, she seems to lack chemistry with her husband and both her family and her don’t seem to talk about her husband. It is almost as if they chose not to mention him because they see her current happiness with the guy. The guy would leave for New York but upon further reflection, return to Dublin because he sees the potential of their relationship. He is in love and she is in love with him, and to be in love after such a whirlwind romance is believable and real. Although, their romance could be based off the momentum and adrenaline between the two, they are in love which is a bond unlike any other.

    • Emily

      If I were in Guy in Girl’s situation, I would definitely go. I believe multiple conflicts would arise due to Girl having one, a husband, and two, a daughter. For Guy, it would almost be discouraging to have to interact with a “daughter” that isn’t even his. In addition, it would be almost impossible have a content relationship with Girl’s husband. All in all, to eliminate any possibilities of tension and stress from the sides of Guy and Girl, Guy’s best decision would be to leave.

    • http://pxp.tdf.org/?p=6654 juiana durrant

      If I were guy I would have definitely gone. Although he and Girl undeniably shared a true over and connection for one another there circumstances didn’t permit them to move to the next step in their relationship. Girl was still married technically and she has a daughter with her husband who was coming back to work things out! She also has a family that comes from a different culture and may prove difficult for Guy who on the other hand looks like he still has unresolved feelings for his ex girlfriend and has the chance to be truly successful in New York. If he stayed he would be blowing his chance of making it big and in the long run can always come back and take Girl and her mother with her.

    • http://pxp.tdf.org/index.php/2014/03/12/make-choice/#comment-41870 juliana durrant

      I would definitely leave because circumstances don’t work in Guy and Girl ‘s favor at this point in time. although their love is special and undeniable.

    • Constantina Dres

      I would have loved for guy to stay in Dublin with girl because they worked well together and she gave him hope. She notices him while he was giving up which caused him to succeed. Even if guy came back to Dublin for her and it didn’t work out between them, it’d be nice to know that they tried and actually kissed. The ex girlfriend in New York left him heartbroken so he should not have gone back to her. Guy says that he was singing his songs for girl and wasn’t thinking about his ex in New York. There’s no reason for him to go back with her. Additionally, I dont understand how she could have such strong feelings for guy and have a husband at the same time. I basically would have stayed if I was him. they shouldve ended up together because they are beautiful together.

  • Justin Williams

    To get the best answer you would have to incorporate all things that was said, acted, and shown. Undeniably we know that Guy loves girl and Girl loves guy and this love is no normal type of love. At first sight they had a connection and as closer they grew so did their love for each other. This is one major aspect to answering the question. Yet let’s take in the other aspects:
    1. They have only met and been in “love” for 5 days( not even a complete week)
    2. He is from different culture than she is and, she has not met his family.
    3. If he leaves he can began his new career and actually be successful at it because this heart break of leaving girl fuels his need and passion for music.

    With all these other factors I would have to choose to leave, I believe that 5 days is no where enough for me personally to fall in love. It’s not enough for me to distinguish if one is my friend or not. 2) This just shows how fully both Girl and Guy, family wise, are not fully aquatinted with each other. 3) A 5 day love over a life long career is something I would not choose, not only is it a risk but it puts my livings and money endanger. 4) Even though she has a distant marriage, she still is committed to one and loves her husband. He was there first and for Guy it’s not certain that she would leave her husband for him! Especially when she lets him know, that her husband is coming to Dublin to work things out. 5) Not only is this effecting the child but also is creating a even greater separation between the real father and the daughter. This interferes with the family , and also what happens if the daughter after the 5 days doesn’t like Guy, or rather her real father than him. All these things have to put into account when making a life changing decision. I repeat I agree with Guy and leave.

  • Sofia Agnifilo

    If I were put into this situation, I would most definitely stay. Even though Guy and Girl met a week before they separated, they were obviously in love. When one is in love, they can’t worry about anything and anyone else. Even though Guy had a ex-girlfriend in New York that he could go see, a big part of him obviously wanted to stay in Dublin with Girl. And even though Girl had a husband, they didn’t get along, and Guy was a very obvious better choice for her. The two met and became close very suddenly, but what hey had was love at first sight. Even though Girl had her daughter to worry about, she should also worry about herself and her needs. If I felt something as strong as the love these two had for one another, I would never want to leave it. There were factors that manipulated their decisions, but in the end, they have to do right by themselves. They must focus on their happiness before others, and being together was obviously what made them happy. Overall, I really wish Guy stayed in Dublin with Girl, it was the better decision by both Guy and Girl.

  • Sheikh

    If I were Guy, i would have stayed. Because of Girl, Guy was able to accomplish so many things that he wouldn’t have been able to without her. Girl pushes Guy out of his comfort zone., and makes him go beyond his limits, and because of that, he was able to discover what he really wants. He started to chase his dreams because of her. I believe that the ex-girlfriend was holding Guy back, Guy was too hung up on her, that he forgot what he really loved, his music, he started to give up on his music all because of her, until Girl came along. I believe the relationship between Guy and Girl is true love so it frustrates me a little how they let each other go. I believe that even if Guy goes to New York and gets together with the ex-girlfriend, he’ll always still love Girl. There’s a quote from Johnny Depp which i think really fits in with this is, “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”

  • Pia Marcoux

    I think that the love between guy and girl is a special, different kind of love, because Once is a special kind of love story. Once is about the relationship that builds confidence; that engenders each person with the confidence to move in the right direction. I think that collectively, people need to recognize and accept other kinds of relationships. It raises the question: why do we think people in love need to validate their relationship with physical intimacy or, for lack of a better term “being together”?

    That being said, I think it’s pointless to deny what makes you happy, but you have to strike a balance between what is good for you in terms of accomplishment and what is good for you in terms of people you’re involved with, romantically or otherwise. If he’d stayed, he would have had the potential of a great future looming over him for the rest of his life, and he would have been bitter. I feel like theirs is the kind of love that helps them get on track; almost a “wait for me” kind of deal.

  • Lisa

    If I was the girl, I would’ve chosen to stay. It was obvious that the Girl had a lot of things in Ireland that she can’t let go of like her daughter and mother. She was excited about heading to New York at first, but then her conflict with her husband prevented her from doing so. She knew that she couldn’t be greedy and have the Guy stay with her so they both departed separate ways. If I was the girl, I would’ve felt irresponsible towards my family and husband if I just left to New York with the Guy. If the play were to continue, I think I would’ve dealt with family matters first and meet up with him later in New York or vice versa, the Guy would come back to Ireland cause both the Girl and the Guy couldn’t stand being in such a long distance relationship.

  • Miranda

    If I was Girl i would have tried to to go with Guy. Together they make magical music, make each other feel better, understand each other, and actually help each. I know they met during a time where they needed someone to push them get past what they were going through, but that doesn’t mean that once they felt better they should walk away from each other. If they stayed together I feel like they would have accomplish great things together. However, I understand that both of them have a lot to deal with in their own lives. Both Girl and Guy have previous loves and different responsibilities, but if they really cared for each other they could have worked things out together.

  • http://millenniumhs.org Arman Sabahi

    I would leave because he seemed like a guy who was trapped and if he were to leave he would be able to escape, and go to a place were he could grow as an artist. Although it is unfortunate that he will have to leave her, but he eventually found someone after his other girlfriend left him so whose to say he will not find another person who will make him feel the same way. Overall I feel like he should pursue his talent and leave, I think I would.

  • Johnny Lin

    I think that the guy made the right choice when he decided to go to New York. Although he had feelings for the girl, music had more of an impact than the girl did. I rather take my chances and try to do something i love for living, music, instead of fixing vacuums. Also, the girl already has a husband and should stay with him to raise their kid.

  • Mariah R.

    If I were Girl, I would made the same decision and stayed. Even though her and Guy fell in love, Girl still has a daughter, and she’s technically still with Ivanka’s father. Even though Ivanka does not appear much in the play, she was still a big part of Girl’s decision making. If Girl was alone in Dublin, without her daughter, I think she would have gone with Guy to New York. However, with Ivanka, Girl still has to maintain a relationship with her father. If I were Guy, I would made the same decision to go to New York too. I think Girl helped him a lot in getting in back into music, however if they kissed or expressed how in love they were with each other, than it would have made things more complicated.

  • James youkwanit

    If i were girl, i would have went with guy because they obviously both had feelings for one another and if that person means so much to you, then you should go join them and be with them. Also, they could have had a very good life in New York as they could have still produced music with each other and could make money and become a hit. Girl and her daughter could have also formed a new life in new york and could have just forgot about the man who left them.

  • Carmen

    If I was Girl, I would have made the same choice and left Guy. “Love” isn’t a simple idea where two people can be together just because they have feelings for each other. The fact that Girl has a family in Dublin and can reunited with her child’s dad makes things difficult. Guy’s offer of bringing Girl to New York is a very selfish offer because he can’t expect her to leave her family in Ireland. Also, Guy is going to New York in the first place because of his unresolved feelings for his ex-girlfriend. There really is no legitimate, or good excuse, for Guy to go to New York especially when he expects Girl to go with him. Girl chose to leave Guy because she thought their future was a fantasy and because she wanted to give her child’s father a second chance. If Guy and Girl are really meant to be, I’m sure fate will bring them together once again. Separation can help give each person time to think things through and resolve their unresolved problems/feelings. If Guy and Girl are happier off separated, then leaving Guy is the right choice. If they find themselves miserable even after a long time, then Guy should get some courage to come back and fight for Girl (I hope he learns his lessons and not repeat the same mistake of moping around after his breakup with his ex).
    For our dramatic lit project, my group wrote a song, titled “So It Is” and it starts off with:
    “And so it is,
    our story ends like this.
    I open this book of memories,
    and I stop at our page.
    It’s funny how we ended in such misery.”
    and it ended with:
    “I will walk away as if our pages never started.
    As if we never started it.”
    We intended the lyrics to be for Guy, but in reality, the lyrics can fit for both people.
    The song’s message (hopefully) conveys the idea of letting go, and accepting what has happened. thinking through Girl’s perspective, I hope Guy would let go and move on. Also, Guy seemed to have fallen in love because Girl was there for him when he was still heartbroken. Maybe after their separation, Guy can meet another girl that helps him get over his heartbreak. :)

  • Kelly D. Taylor

    Personally, If I was Guy, I would have stayed with Girl, and take her to New York. I could not fathom why Guy would go to New York for a woman who left him, and didn’t appreciate him. Girl, from the moment she heard him sing his song, valued his talent and later valued him as a person. She drove him to follow his dreams, helped him get the money and studio to record his songs, and pushed him to keep working on his goals. Guy’s girlfriend left him alone in Dublin. As for Girl, I think she made a mistake also going back to someone who failed to realize her worth. They knew each other for less than a week, and in that week developed a true love. If I were Guy, I would take Girl (and her daughter and mother) to New York and together, with her piano and my guitar, continue to write songs.

  • Celine

    If I was Girl I would stay because Guy expresses real appreciation for her music and who am she is even with a daughter. Why stay with a husband who has left her and not supported her and his daughter for a certain amount of year. To forgive someone so easily who has practically abandoned you is not the fairest thing. Additionally what if something else comes up in the relationship where the husband cannot handle the situation and leaves again. At least with Guy she is steady because they can start from scratch together and build on a career that they both enjoy. Lastly Guy is in the same position because his love left him as well. Together they can create a healthier and supportive relationship for each other and hopefully prosper their dreams of music together.

  • Alejandro Vich

    If I were guy I would have stayed because it is extremely visible that he loved girl more then his girlfriend in New York. Girl allowed him to find himself and made him realize that music was still his passion. If somebody had been able to do that for me I definitely would have stayed instead of leaving in search of someone that originally left me. Guy Should have stayed because girl is meant for him, I know that i would have stayed even if it meant being the hoover man for longer. After watching once my class was assigned a song writing project; the project consisted of writing a one that could have been part of the play. My group and I wrote a song called “Hoover Ma” which expresses Guy’s feelings in the begging of the play. The chorus goes :

    ” Day after day,
    Working towards a midnight moon
    Don’t let me stay
    Living in my doom
    All I do is try
    But life’s a goddamn scam
    I guess just for now
    I’m the Hoover Man”

  • Qing Ling

    If I was Guy, I would go because both Guy and Girl have their own lives before they meet. Guy has his girlfriend that is still eager to see him again, and Girl has her husband that is coming back. The love between Guy and Girl is just too brief. Who knows what would happen to them if they decided to stay together and their previous loves come back? Before Guy and Girl realize their love for each other, they both express feelings for their previous loves that have left them behind, which mean they still have hope of getting back together with their previous loves in the depth of their broken hearts. The little love between Guy and Girl may have been a moment of attraction or their way of forgetting about their heartaches. Either way I have a feeling that Guy and Girl’s love won’t last long, even if they did end up together. So, in my Dramatic Literature class, my group and I came up with a song about how Guy eventually decides to give up his love for Girl after moving to New York City to be with his girlfriend. In the song, Guy shows that he didn’t quickly forget about Girl after moving to New York, but afterward he comes to the conclusion of forgetting about their brief love as he knows that she has her own life and he has his. I believed that their affection for each other would fade with time, no matter how hard it is at first. Here is an alternative ending to Once (sang by Guy) that my group has come up with:

    And so it is,
    our story ends like this.
    why won’t this trembling go away?
    I will forget our bliss.
    Tears have dropped and I need to wipe them away.
    No matter how lonely my heart aches and cries,
    I will walk away as if our pages never started.
    As if we never started it.

  • Yu Wei

    If I were Guy, I would go to New York and start a new life. One reason is because the girl have her family already. Another reason is because Guy’s whole life is surrounded by music, going to New York will give him a bigger opportunity compare to stay with the girl. Third reason is because he doesn’t know how much he love Girl during that time.
    Here is a part of the song my group and I wrote from Guy’s perspective when he’s in New York after one year:
    “And so it is,
    our story ends like this.
    why won’t this trembling go away?
    I will forget our bliss.
    Tears have dropped and I need to wipe them away.
    No matter how lonely my heart aches and cries,
    I will walk away as if our pages never started.
    As if we never started it. “

  • Annisaa Sularno

    If I were guy, I would stay with girl and her family as well as his dad, Da. I would try to pursue my dreams in Dublin with girl and the band. By pursuing my dreams I would use the cd that we made during the recording session and give it to record dealers so they can sign my band and I. I think going to New York City is risk taking and my ex-girlfriend will probably leave me if I don’t get signed by a record deal. If I were to stay in Dublin I would make sure girl has a happy life even though her husband will come back to Dublin after a long time, and if he doesn’t come back or if he decides to leave forever or if there are problems. I would make sure that nothing goes wrong and I will be sure to make her life happy by always being by her side. Girl’s mother likes me so what the heck, she probably think that I’m the one for her.

  • Soukeyna Diouf

    If I were in Girl’s position, I would not have gone to New York with Guy and I understand why she made this decision. Though she was in love with Guy, I don’t think that she fully understood her feelings for him. If she were truly in love, I don’t think that there would be any doubt or questioning over whether or not to go with him. She may have loved him only because he was different and passionate about something that she was also passionate about (music) but I they didn’t really get the chance to know each other apart from this. The names “Guy” and “Girl” show that they don’t really know each other, and never really introduced to one another before working on Guy’s music. When Guy first performs ‘Gold’ Girl signs him up as the Hoover Man, which confuses Guy. I think this shows that they actually do not know each others names, and it is not that the audience just doesn’t know their names. I do not doubt that they were and probably always will be very special to one another. However, I think the week that they spent together is not enough to make Girl change her (relatively stable) life in Dublin.

  • Eve S.

    If I were Guy, I would have chosen to stay in Dublin with Girl. While I understand that he wanted to go to New York to further his music career, the obvious passion and love between the tow of them was too powerful to ignore. Furthermore, had he gone to NY, his relationship with his former girlfriend may not work out again, leaving him with a double broken heart. I feel like while Girl feels like she should be with her husbands, since he left her for what seems like a lengthy period of time, she should be able to act on her true feelings, which are for Guy, and the two of them should be together once and for all.

  • Deena Finegold

    Although I was angered by the ending of Once the moment after I saw it, as I began to think about the decisions Guy and Girl made I started to realize that maybe it was in both of their best interests that they not end up together. I don’t think it was because of their other lovers that the decisions were smart, but rather that what they had together for that short period of time was something that really changed both of their lives profoundly and there might have been the possibility of that being ruined. While no relationships are ever perfect, I think that both Guy and Girl needed that once person that they could always remember as, in a way, “perfect” for them. Both of them brought out the best in one another and the love they had was obvious, but it’s not always about the longevity of a relationship. Instead, it is sometimes more about the meaning and what a person took away from a relationship. Overall, while I would have enjoyed seeing Guy and Girl end up together, I do think that the decision to leave was the right choice.

  • Cindy

    If i were guy, i would have stayed. Although he has a “love of his life” in New York, he is truly in love with girl instead. Ever since the girl left to New York, he has always been sad and lonely and never really found a purpose. But ever since meeting girl, his life is full of surprise and new experiences that he has never had before. It is also because these same feelings that guy has for girl is the same feelings that girl have for guy. She is just as lonely as guy and instead of finding her own purpose in life she tries to help him find his first. Through this process of helping each other out, they were able to truly connect and fall in love with one another. This affection is something that they should protect because love is found not given and when they found their love for each other, they need to hold it tight. Although they are both afraid of the consequences they might have later, they should work together to protect their love by overcoming these obstacles. If they truly love each other then he should have stay and it is clear that their love was very rapid which shows that they affection is very strong.

  • Joshua Crosse

    If I were Guy I would have stayed. I would make this decision because you have to think about what you are goin to gain or lose when you leave. New York has lots to offer to his girlfriend who left him. Guy has met a girl by the name of “Girl” who helped bring his true talent out. Although Guy has feelings for Girl and she is still married, As Guy I woud stay a continue making music and hope for the best to happen.

    • Summer Wrobel

      I think that I would have made the same decision. If Guy I would have left for New York and if Girl I would have stayed. They feel in love with each other because of the person they were, but also the person that the other one brought out in them. Girl had made Guy into someone who needed to go to new York to pursue his wants. She had inspired him and I think he honored that inspiration when he decided to pursue his dreams. At the same time, he showed her what she deserved and what she wanted, and although we don’t know, it is nice to assume that when she see’s her husband again she may be more vocal about their marriage. I don’t think that them decided to part ways was equivalent to them deciding they didn’t love each other enough. I felt that it was a mutual agreement.
      In a song we wrote in class about the scene they decide to part our chorus went:

      Don’t say anything , your dreams are for you
      If you turn away
      Ill turn away too.
      Our love’s in a song
      A song Ill still play
      So if you turn away
      Ill turn away

  • Nathalie Domingo

    If I was Girl, I would have made the same decision and I would have stayed. Although Guy and Girl clearly fall in love throughout the play, I think that it was better for them to have parted. Guy clearly still has some unresolved feelings for his ex-girlfriend and Girl clearly has some unresolved issues with her husband. By both of them going there separate ways, they were given the opportunities to figure their issues and if they were to stay together, they would have always had these unresolved issues. At the same time, I still think that they changed each other for the better. Girl clearly influenced Guy because she got him back into music. At the same time, although Girl didn’t really have as clear of a conflict that Guy fixed, she was able to fall helplessly in love in a matter of days, something that doesn’t happen very often.
    In my Dramatic Literature class, we were able to see Once through TDF and we came up with our own songs for one of the characters in the play. My group had decided to create a song for Girl after the play ended. Here are some lines that express how we thought Girl felt after deciding to stay in Dublin:
    “Even though you’re not here with me
    I can feel you next to me
    You changed me and I thank you for it
    It’s probably better, we went our ways
    but Pořád Miluju Tě
    Pořád Miluju Tě”

  • Kim Bonifay

    If I was girl, I would have stayed, i believe you should always stay with the people you love because long distance doesn’t usually work… Although I do understand that Guy wanted to follow his dreams and when you love someone feelings don’t just go away that fast. But for some people pursuing their dream is more important than anything else, so guy’s choice was understandable.

  • Stephanie

    If I were Guy, I would’ve stayed, because traveling to New York to go back to a past love would be ignoring the amazing person he had standing right in front of him, Girl. Even though Girl was trying to push him away, he knows that she loves him, and the fact that she is the person who put him out of his depression after his past love left him definitely means something significant. What Guy and Girl had in Once was something that was not worth throwing away, they had a relationship of true love. For my class project after watching Once, we wrote songs for a chosen part of the play, and my group wrote a song on Girl’s emotions about her decision to be with Guy or go back to her husband, this part is very fitting to her decision, and represents her love for Guy.

    “I don’t know what’s right anymore.
    Should I keep waiting for what I had?
    Or realize what I have in front of me?
    I don’t know anymore…

    Things might work with Guy
    but will it be worth the try?
    Will it be fair for her
    or will it be a mistake?
    This situation is too much.
    I have no idea
    and I don’t want any more pain.
    Will he leave?
    Or will he stay forever?
    Can he make me happy again?
    Should I wait? Or is this fate?”

  • MeiQin

    If I was the girl, I would choose her husband. Because girl has her own family, she got children and she need take care for her mother. Also, if she choose her husband.Then,the guy can be with his ex-girl friend, cause I think that the guy still can’t forget about his ex-girl friend,he still sing the song what he was wrote to his ex-girl friend. And, if the girl choose her husband, it’s fair for all four people, and make the guy easier to make his choice. Finally,I will choose her husband,it’s easy way for everyone.

  • Andrew

    its a lovely drama .. and if i was the guy i would stay for the girl. for my own opinion because her the guy restart play music and also they fell in love ..the girl was pretty funny and after they went thought many things they realized the love between them. i think the girl should divorce her husband . she should start a new life with the guy . and the guy shouldn’t go to NY and its no necessary to back to his EX girlfriend .

  • Chenelle

    If I were Guy I would have chosen to go to New York with Girl and Ivanka. It’s time for Guy to move on with his life. Being stuck on something that may never happen could cause more emotional problems than he has now. In my opinion, Guy looks desperate. Girl is trying to be there for Guy but he really won’t give her a chance. He’s still hoping to rekindle the relationship he had with his ex girlfriend. In addition to the new love that might start, he would have a chance for his music career to blossom. He always wanted many people to listen to his music and also be paid for it. Not taking this ONCE in a lifetime opportunity would leave him in the same place he started, on the street playing popular songs on his broken guitar and working on hoovers in a shop. Guy should have taken a risk to begin a new chapter in his life, with Girl included.

  • JY

    If I were the girl, I were chose to stay because I have my responsibility. I can’t just leave everything behind me and went to NY. I have mom and daughter to take care. And I have a hosband , even we are separate but we still not divorce.

  • zhentaoliu

    If I was the guy, I will chose to go. because the girl are married, so I should not impede the girl’s life. And I don’t want to be the third. So I chose to go not stay.

  • mohichehra

    if i were the girl,i will stay with my husband,because i have a child and i dont wont my child have two father .And i think i will stay with my husband.

  • mehedi rahman

    If i was the i will stay there, because she have a daughter it’s look weird when you go with the guy, another reason she should stay in irish her husband didn’t divorce her yet. i’ll go to New York to help his musical partner. then probably looking for the girl he like .After one or two month i might back to irish ,because i have daughter and family nobody is not going take care of her daughter as her.

  • Juan Vargas

    If i was the guy i would leave to NYC because the girl is all ready married and shes willing to work things out with her husband. Also i would go to NYC because his music is going to be a big hit, and will bring him a lot more girls and more.

  • Mmohammed Hasan

    If i was the girl, i will leave with Guy in New York.Then I will stay with him, after weak I will ask my mom and daughter to come in New York and live with me, because NY is better. I can make my life fun and work in some music show than i can make good money. My daughter can go to good school. She can make her life better. I will help the Guy to find his girl friend. Help him to write good song. We will work together and amke our own music band .

    student of
    FDR High School

  • Mena Shehata

    If I Was Girl I Cant Leave Because I Have A Daughther To Take Care Of And I Will Give My Husband Another Chance To Be Together Once Again. Also, If I Moved With Guy To NewYork It Will Be Diffcult Because I Dont Have Enough Money And It Will Be Hard For Me To Bring My Mother I Would Have A Hard For Me To See His Ex And I Cant See Them Together Or Even Imagine It . All I Have To Do Now Is To Take Care Of My Daughther And Leave Guy To Go Alone My Fate Is To Stay With My Family And Give My Husband Another Chance.

  • Leandra Nunez

    Life is all about taking risks, you never know where you’re going to end up or what corner you’re going to turn. I would have chosen to go to New York and stick with the idea of Girl, Ivanka and her mother coming along. This new decision could’ve brought me fame as well as the one who dug me from the complete bottom. Things can turn out great, and maybe things would not have turned out the way I planned, but the fact that I took the oppoutunity is life changing

    • http://die-2-self.com gomer

      . you are a selfish person. its obvious. thats wrong just leaving someone and possibly breaking their heart. you can tell your an expert in relationships. god help you

  • Savannah

    If I were Guy, I would’ve stayed. I’ve already given up on my love in NY and seemingly didn’t want to reflect back on it. Yes, Girl may have family issues, but she is the one I love NOW. I don’t know if the girl in NY is still in love with me, or if she moved on. All I know is that somehow, Girl feels something for me and I feel something for her. Besides, my dad may need me in case of anything. I started a wonderful new life here in Ireland, so why let go of it all?

  • Ka Ling

    If I am the girl,I want to go with the Guy because I want to live with the man who I love.I can play music with him to achieve my music dream.Though I have a daughter, I can take her to live with the Guy.It’s not easy to meet the man who we love in our life.Most importantly,I want to achieve my music dream with the good partner.That’s why I want to go with Guy.

  • http://pxp.tdf.org Destiny Lindsay

    If i were put in this position i would choose to go with him. I know that girl had a difficult messy past but so did guy. I believe that together they could of made themselves very happy. The future that guy had lain out for them was not definete and there would be times that struggle and confusion would hinder their relationship. But if what they shared was truly love then they would be able to get over the problems in their new lives. Running away from your past is never a good idea because on day it will come to bit you in the butt. But having someone to love you and care for you while you go through struggle and turmol in your hearts sounds like the future i would pray for.

  • Cassandra Anianwu

    f I were a girl I would stay because I have family to look after and if I go to New York i don’t know anybody. Even though it’s a good opportunity you never know what might happen and knowing I have a daughter I wouldn’t want to take any chances.

  • Destiny Lindsay

    If i were put in this position i would choose to go with him. I know that girl had a difficult messy past but so did guy. I believe that together they could of made themselves very happy. The future that guy had lain out for them was not definete and there would be times that struggle and confusion would hinder their relationship. But if what they shared was truly love then they would be able to get over the problems in their new lives. Running away from your past is never a good idea because on day it will come to bit you in the butt. But having someone to love you and care for you while you go through struggle and turmol in your hearts sounds like the future i would pray for. On top of that girl’s daughter would be able to see a good healthy relationship, fillied with love relationships looks like and this would give her a father figure to be appreciated by.

  • Prince

    As guy…. i wouldn’t go to the US because my other girlfriend left me regardless of how i felt and i do not know how shes going to welcome me, so ill stay with my newly found girlfriend and start a family of our own, and even through that ill be encouraged to produce more songs

  • Jessica O. Asiedu

    Both Guy and Girl have very complicated lives and if i was Girl, i would have never allowed myself to have so much unfinished business [i.e. the husband]. Furthermore, i believe that with these thoughts in mind i would not have been able to allow my relationship with Guy to progress so much. However, if it came to the decision of staying or leaving with Girl, i would have left. I would have taken my daughter with me, and while i would have missed my family terribly, every child has to leave home at some time. I would have convinced Guy to let us go somewhere where we could start anew without his old girlfriend in the picture. I believe that if i loved Guy enough to ignore all the other obstacles in my life, then i would love him enough to go away with him. In addition to this, while the real Girl decided to give her husband a chance and Guy decided to try to get back with his old girlfriend, it need not be said that they were stuck on the past versions of these people. They had been away from them for a considerable amount of time and as such, the people they might make contact with may not be the same people they once loved. Due to this, i would have chosen the “now” as i had already continuously done and traveled with Guy. This would have most likely been my decision, even if it was not the most logical; i would have attempted to try before giving up on our relationship.

  • Tega

    If i were in Guy’s shoes i would have left. This is due to the fact that we both had previous situations/ relationships that we had going on that we needed to resolve. She had her husband who was returning and I still had a open relationship with my Girlfriend in America. I would leave and hope we see each other in the future in hopes of being better than I left as. Despite my love for Girl it would make no sense that we be together because we both only meet in five days and claim its “Love,” It should take a while of being together before we say we are in love with each other. Therefore i would leave and thank her for what she has done for me. Then go meet my girlfriend in America where she’s been waiting for me.

  • Si

    If I am the girl, I choose to stay. Because I have family and friend live in here. Also, my husband want to start again with me, and I want give him a chance and give chance to myself. If I go to Ny, I don’t anyone in NY, and the guy’s ex-girlfriend live in NY. And I don’t have reason go to NY.

  • Anonymous

    If I am the girl, I would stay. Because my mom, daughter, and friend live in here (Ireland). If I go to NY, I don’t know anyone in NY. And my husband want start again with me, and I want give him a chance

  • Priscilla

    If it were me I would stay. I understand that Guy and Girl have other complicated relationships with other people, but when they are together its MAGICAL! He loves her and she him, it was meant to be! In life you only get one LOVE ! and he was her’s but he missed out :-/, also she was wrong for pushing him away…

  • http://None XiuJin

    If I were the girl ,I will stay with my husband.On the one hand,I have a daugther already,give her a good environemnt to live is my responbility that means I should stay with my husband instead of go to New Y ork.On the other hand,I think I still love my hubsand and I want to give him and myself one more chance(you can know this by in the song write by myself,and you can find the lyric”this is not my fault ,I still love you)

  • Tiffany Peprah

    I would have stayed with Girl, if I were Guy. I feel like Guy looks desperate going all the way to New York to reunite with his ex-girlfriend. It is understandable that Guy loves this girl in New York very much, but it is also obvious that she is not interested in being with him any longer. If she truly loved him, she would’ve looked passed her issues and proceeded with her relationship with Guy or she could have simply maintained a long distance relationship with him coming down to see him every so often; however, she took the easy way out and left him all lonely and depressed over her. Girl was there to encourage Guy and pick him up when he hit his breaking point. Guy should have stayed in an attempt to build on his relationship with Girl and start afresh.

    • Adaeze

      I will go because my life depends on music; and wasting my time doing nothing is a negative influence on my life. Pursuing my dream and using my talent to touch other people’s lofe is an amazing goal; a goal that I recommend peoplr should look forward to achieving. Even though I will indeed miss the person I love, I know that she/he will want the best for me. We can talk on the phone and visit each other occasionally to make our friendship last.

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