• Khadisha Baptiste

    Anthony and Cleopatra was indeed a great show, I really enjoyed it. I believe that Cleopatra should win because she is a great actress. I also enjoyed the cultural part during the show where there was the singing and dancing. I fell so in love with Enobarbus’s voice.

  • Ambiea

    I liked when Cleopatra faked her death to see how Antony would react, I dislike the part when the play had Cleopatra put her breasts in the water to get bit by the snakes, that part felt ridiculous to me. Cleopatra was an interesting character to me because she was a lot like lady Macbeth and persuasive in a way, she was able to get what she wanted and keep Antony’s love. I like the cultural references and my favorite part was when Enobarbus died, I enjoyed the special effects used in the play, it made it much more interesting.

  • savion george

    I believe that cleopatra should have won, The passion and flare of emotions was brilliant and the will shown was staggering.

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