PXP is.

tdf‘s PXP magazine is a fresh take on NYC performing arts.

It connects the audience to artists, making a space for both sides to talk, share, and create community.


PXP has a few main sections:

LET’S TALK: see what people are saying about what they have seen, hear from artists, respond to questions and connect with others who went to the same show.

WHAT’S HAPPENING: find out about cool theatre, funky theatres and exciting theatre companies. Want to know who is going to be the next big thing in NYC, find it here.

FIND OPPORTUNITIES: a list of training programs, internships and apprenticeships, contests, arts-based residencies and more for young people who want to get involved in the performing arts.

PEOPLE AT THE THEATRE: PXP’s tumblr (photo blog) that captures who is at the theatre each night. So watch out, we might just catch you at the theatre.

HOW TO SEE THEATRE: a list of ways to see theatre without breaking the bank: rush tickets, student tickets, free tickets, affordable tickets, and other ways to see theatre afforably, like volunteer ushering.


In addition to the online magazine, a few times a year PXP prints a magazine that is sent into high schools, colleges, libraries, youth centers, and more throughout NYC.

You can find the online version of those issues here.