Favorite color: Blue
Favorite number: Seven
Favorite way to eat: Organic
Favorite place to imagine myself: Japan

I am Jadae J. Johnson, vibrant and optimistic. Life is filled with riddles and be can be hard to decipher, but it’s a process with moments of opportunities to giggle.  

“It’s easy to do and say the negative rather than the positive.
A struggle no one can deny,
since we all have rules we must comply.  
But the choices is ours,
and if we ever stopped to think about that; 
We’ll have such impact.
Our self-awareness, self-confident and self-esteem
 are fractions of our identity; 
And holistically each of us makes up society.
But to figure out who we are,
We have to understand individuality.
Rather than be subjective to the ideals of humanity.” (Jadae Johnson)

I am an individual. Not one who is categorized by ideals and ideologies. I am a person with personality, a character who can never be disguised - I am me and I love embracing my whole being.