Favorite artist: Kendrick Lamar
Favorite sports team: New York Rangers
Favorite book: Hyperbole and a half
Favorite activity: martial arts

Living in NYC my whole life I've seen this place grow and change almost everyday. Just like many new yorkers I've learned to grow with it! You can either find me in class at St. Francis College, at work at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, watching a Rangers game at MSG or rolling on the mat at my jiu-jitsu dojo in Brooklyn! I love going to see shows around the city because it exposes me to a side of NYC that I never experienced even though I've lived here all my life. As an easy-going and chill person I like to take things in stride, but if something has to be done for success I wont hesitate to take action! NYC is my home, and it has made me into the young go-getter that I am today.