PRE: Is it okay to be on your phone at the theatre?

Gemma: Okay, here's a big question for you. Is it okay to be on your phone at the theatre? I have LOTS of thoughts on this. 

Andrew: Ummm, I don't have a problem with it.

Christine: I think it is if it's an emergency....otherwise *hard eye roll*  

Gemma: Like... at all? It's such an issue for me. Yeah, I agree with Christine all the way. I likely won't confront someone who is on their phone at the theatre, but inwardly I'll be pissed.

Christine: Wait Andrew, you don't care at all if someone is talking on the phone during a show? 

Andrew: Listen, it's not a problem, because what if the person is just trying to look for spots around town to eat? After the theatre.

Christine: They can do before or after...or during the wonderful thing called intermission.

Gemma: Then do that AFTER THE SHOW!

Andrew: Wait a minute, talking on the phone is a bit much, but using the phone I don't really care about. But wait, if someone is talking on the phone, it depends on how loud they are too.

Gemma: But the lights are distracting in a dark theatre. 

Christine: But it's so quiet in the theatre, whispering can be as loud as shouting in there. 

Andrew: What if someone has a child and they need to text their babysitter?

Christine: That's an emergency situation that should be set up before the show. Like "If my kid is dying, call me."

Gemma: Yeah, that's it. Emergencies are one thing. But whenever I see someone on their phone, they are always on Facebook. 


Andrew: It's not that distracting to me, I  literally can block out noise if I'm into something. You girls are easily distracted.

Gemma: There are some smaller productions that encourage the use of phones, and that's one thing. But during Broadway, I think it's a major no-no. 

Andrew: What if they're not into the show and they're bored out their mind?! Like it's not a big deal for me. 

Gemma: Then leave the show!

Christine: If you're bored, leave.

Gemma: Or just suck it up for two hours. 

Andrew: We live in a time where people can't get off their phones and I understand that and don't have a problem with it.

Gemma: I mean, jeez. You should have a problem with it.  

Christine: If you're that attached, then a 2 hour show is a bad choice as an activity for you. 

Gemma: Has your phone ever gone off at the theatre?

Andrew: My phone has never rung in a theatre because I always put it on silent. 

Gemma: Same here. But what would you do if you were that person? Would it bother you?

Andrew: But has my phone lit up because of a text message? HELL YEAH! 

Christine: My phone has never rung either. 

Gemma: And have you answered those text messages? During the show? 

Christine: Nope, I wouldn't. Not even Mum. Then again, I've never had an emergency situation. 

Gemma: Exactly, I couldn't agree more. Have you ever been to the theatre with someone who has been on their phone during a show? I have, and it's the worst. 

Andrew: I sure have!

Christine: Don't you feel like an asshole if you use your phone during a show to text about something as trivial as "I'm bored"?


Gemma: What are they?

Andrew: You have to put your brightness all the way down and put that PHONE on night mode and it's barely noticeable. 

Gemma: Key word: barely! People can still see it. 

Christine: If I can't tell, you're fine. If I can, I'm rolling my eyes hard. 

Gemma: I feel like it's so easily avoidable. Just stay off the phone until intermission or after the show. Then go back to being a phone zombie like everyone else. 

Andrew: I've never texted "I'm bored" because that's just rude, but if it's a good conversation I was having before the show, I would like to continue it!!!!!!

Christine: Yeah, it's not that long. Make a game out of it if you need to: "How long can I go without my phone?"

Andrew: Or if some breaking news notification pops up on my phone, I will definitely check it out. 

Gemma: Andrew, you would continue a conversation even if the show was engaging?

Christine: Beyoncé being pregnant isn't breaking news. 


Gemma: Hahahaha 

Christine: ...Okay maybe to Andrew.....

Andrew: If the show was SOOOOOOO good, I wouldn't even look at my phone. 

Christine: So you're gonna blame the show? You have legs, you can leave. 

Andrew: But if there are dull moments and I'm soooo bored, I will text someone back!

Gemma: That's a bit of a relief. At least you only use your phone when you're bored. 


Gemma: Oh BOY.

Andrew: Do you think using your phone is as rude as leaving in the middle of a show?

Gemma: No, definitely not. Leaving in the middle is a whole different scale of disruption. Unless you do it during intermission.

Christine: Leaving the show means you've removed yourself from seen as the dude who was rude during a show. It's a win/win.

Andrew: Yes only if I'm bored lmao, or I see my phone lighting up too many times which would make me think it's an emergency. Dull moment = I'm bored lmao

Gemma: You expect to be entertained during every moment of your life? #milennials

Christine: You have to know that there might not be stuff you'll like. 

Gemma: That's the reality of life.

Christine: At least 100% of the time. 

Gemma: Totally.

Andrew: Exactly and when there are those moments I can turn them into great ones with my CELL PHONE!!!!!

Christine: Not's pretty selfish to think you aren't affecting other people's "special moments" w/ yours. 

Andrew: If I'm not entertained, I'm sorry, I'm gonna be on my phone. It's not like I'm waving my phone in the air. I would position it the best way I can so people don't see it, you know. 

Gemma: What if you were performing on stage and you saw people on their phones even though you had worked so hard on whatever you were performing?

Christine: What if it's someone's first show and that's what they think of theatre? The thing I can't get over is that you made the choice to be there.

Gemma: Exactly, Christine. You committed. Also, what if you were on your phone at the theatre and somebody told you to put it away? How would you respond?

Andrew: My show would be a show where you can use your phones. And it depends on who tells me to put it away.

Gemma: Fair enough, Andrew haha

Christine: Would you get up and say something, Gemma? I know I wouldn't cause it would just make a bigger deal. 

Gemma: I would never confront a person on their phone because I find talking in the theatre even more annoying than being on your phone in the first place. 

Christine: Who would you actually listen to, Andrew?

Andrew: If it's a staff member/usher, then I would put it away nice and calmly lol. But if it's a random person that looks like they just want to annoy me then I'm turning my brightness and volume up.

Christine: Mmmmmmmmm, an act of defiance. 

Andrew: No I'm not, I'd probably just put it away too. 

Christine: I mean, if I was using my phone and someone asked rudely, I'd understand the urge to stay on my phone. 

Gemma: But you're already being rude in the first place haha.

Andrew: I'd be so rude if an audience member told me to put my phone away, like "Are you serious? You need to worry about your wig before worrying about my phone."

Gemma: Hahaha omg Andrew, I'm dying.

So...should there be a "no phones" rule enforced in Broadway theatres? Or do you think it's not realistic?

Andrew: I feel like there's already a no phones rule. I mean they tell you not to use your phones. That's enough for me. 

Christine: "Shut off your phone and unwrap your candy."

Gemma: There is, I just wanna know if you think the rule is necessary. I personally think that without the rule there would be a ton more people using their phones and even trying to record illegally. 

Christine: It clearly is, since there are people who can't stand not being on their phone for a couple of hours. 

Gemma: Unfortunately. 

Andrew: And that's me!!!!!! I mean hello? Don't you follow me on Instagram: @HolyAlejandro

Christine: Okay, social media star 

Andrew: BLOOOOOP. You can tell I'm always ready to capture the moment. Oh, and don't forget about Twitter: @HolyAlejandro and Snapchat: Alejandro-Holy. It's really hard and more work than you both would think. It's not easy being me!!!!!!!!!!!


Gemma: But yeah, maybe it's a bit much for me to expect several hundreds of people to just sit in the dark silently for two hours with no distractions. But a girl can dream...