PRE: Can I arrive to a show late?

Gemma: Okay, peeps. a show. Feelings?

Christine: Depends....

Gemma: On?

Christine: Prices, and if you're going with someone or not. What is considered "too late"?

Andrew: UHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I don't have a problem with it lmaooo. I mean how late? I feel like everyone should be on time, yes, but I don't mind someone being a little late (maybe because I'm one of those people [sometimes] lmaooooooo)... Too late for me is basically after the second act lmaoooo.

Gemma: Haha Andrew, you never have a problem with anything. Am I just too difficult?

Christine: No, you have a point. Especially if you're taking someone, you don't want anything to go wrong. It's special for them, you want the best.

Gemma: Yeah, I think that for the most part, we should strive to arrive on time. Out of respect for your fellow audience members and the performers. I'd even go as far to say that I don't think late seating should be allowed in most theatres. Unless it's during intermission.

Andrew: I feel like if you're going with someone, yes, you should try your best to be on time. But I also feel like shit happens, and if someone walks in late, I'm not gonna be annoyed only because IDK what that person is going thru lmaooo. Like, what if they left on time, but the train was delayed like EXTRA CRAZY?

Christine: Also, I really think all theatres should have a late seating section.

Gemma: A late seating section is interesting. I wouldn't be too against it if they managed to keep it enough of a secret. I feel like a late seating section could be easily abused. And fill up quickly if people are relying on it.

Christine: I don't mind if the person has good reason, but how am I supposed to know? What if they're lying to get some sympathy?

Andrew: SAME, CHRISTINE!!! I feel like theatres neeeeed a late seating area.

Christine: True.

Andrew: Like if you don't want interruptions, how about u just make a section, instead of saying "no late seating"?

Gemma: I understand that shit happens, and the MTA is unpredictable, but theatre is ephemeral. It's live. Only happening once in that exact way. And if someone arrives late and causes a distraction or blocks that view, you're never getting that time back.

Christine: I know the few theatres I've gone to with a late section have less ppl late to the show.

Andrew: I honestly feel like theatres that have "no late seating" are really unfair, like I'm so annoyed with it. It's not fair at all, seriously, and I might be just so crazy because I feel like the show doesn't start til I walk in...


Andrew: But I feel like shows shouldn't start on time lmaoooo.

Christine: I've only been late twice... delays. Have you guys been late? Like really late... 

Gemma: I once came to a Broadway show late, like midway through the first number. But they allowed me to take my seat after the first number during the applause. And I appreciated that at the time because it benefited me, but I could see how it could have bothered all the audience members who were there on time. There should be another type of "previews." Like in the movies. When there's a little pre-show before the real show. And so if you're running a bit late it's not the end of the world because you're not missing the actual show.

Andrew: If a show starts at 8, sometimes if I'm running late, I would basically tell myself, "You'll be fine, you've got until like 8:10" lmaooooooo. I was really late once to a show but they put me in a room that streamed the show on a TV. Until an usher came to get me to seat me.

Christine: I have thought of the whole 8-10 min window there really is, but if my seat is in the middle of a row, "Hell no!"

Gemma: Oh, Andrew, that same thing happened to me!  I liked the TV thing, because at least I wasn't totally lost when I was finally allowed in. 

Christine: Hahahahhaha Andrew, that happened to me with Heisenberg, but they eventually got me to my seat.

Andrew: Yes, me too, I eventually got in my seat, but I actually liked the TV room lmaoooo.

Gemma: When I took my mom to see Waitress for her birthday, we were pissed because two people entered late and were really disruptive. They blocked our view for the better half of a song.

Andrew: Awwwww, not the better half. Now you'll never see what they did EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Christine: I think it's especially important to be extra early if you're going to an interactive show or if they have stage seating cause that could take some time to get settled into.

Gemma: Yeah, Christine, better safe than sorry. And exactly, Andrew! I was super pissed!


Gemma: These people were in the center of a row and the usher was shining a flashlight and whispering. And the people who arrived late were standing right in front of me and my mom. Like, OF COURSE.

Christine: Damn, that really sucks.

Andrew: I would've been more annoyed with the flashlight than with the actual people coming in late.

Christine: Ha, same.

Andrew: But I will say that it also depends on how u conduct yourself when you show up late.

Gemma: If you miss part of a movie at the theater, you can always find it online and re-watch the part you missed. But with theatre, you'll never see what you missed again. Yeah, they were the most disruptive! I wanted to kill the usher for at least not waiting until the end of a song. 

Andrew: Like if you're late and pushing your way thru and acting a fool as you get to your seat, shouting "EXCUSE ME!" to everyone, than that's when I'll get annoyed. Especially if I'm extra into the show I'm watching.

Gemma: I feel like in a case of lateness, the theatre should cater to the audience members who were on time first. Because they did everything right. And then find an appropriate place in the show to introduce the latecomers to their seats.

Christine: Yeah I don't blame ppl who are trying to be quiet. Also, confession....

Gemma: Yea?

Christine: It doesn't annoy me as much when it's a New Yorker than when it's a tourist.

Gemma: Hahaha and you can always tell.

Andrew: How do u tell the difference in the dark???????

Christine: Yeah, the fanny pack often gives it away...

Gemma: It's the way they handle themselves too.

Andrew: fhfiafhafaifhihifefw lmaooooooo!

Christine: I'm a bat and can see in the dark.

Andrew: I'm wearing one on my next trip, DAMN THEY'RE GONNA KNOW I'M A TOURIST!

Gemma: Like, NYers are efficient. They'll get to their seats, like BAM.

Christine: Andrew

Gemma: Tourists will take their time. And like stretch while standing up. And take off their coats and stuff.

Christine: Usually New Yorkers don't look confused by the seating.

Gemma: Yeah, because they've been around the block.

Christine: But I don't wanna discourage tourists from going, just saying it's a weird thing I have. I feel like I gotta have my ppl's backs.

Gemma: Yes, Christine! So... I think we're basically in agreement that everyone should aim to be in their seats when a show starts. And that if people do arrive late, it's up to the theatre staff to try to hardcore people-please and upset as few paying customers as possible.

Andrew: Me and my fanny pack in another country

Gemma: Haha, oh Andrew! 

Christine: You should try everything in your power to be 15-30 mins early because you wanna have some down time to just chill and get ready to see some cool stuff.

Andrew: Yeah, I guess we can all say that!!!!!! I do feel like everyone should aim to be on time, but if you're not, than OH WELL (at least for me).

Christine: It's awesome to get to a show and not be a mess and trying to get yourself together in front of complete strangers. It's a win/win for everyone.

Gemma: I agree with Christine. You don't want to be rushed, you want to get settled. I just hate missing part of a show because I want to feel like I've gotten the full experience. My money's worth. And if I paid for a show, I'm way more likely to arrive early. Because my expectations are higher. It's something I worked for, a treat. And I'm more likely to be ticked off if people who arrive late distract me.

Christine: Yeah, but I think trying to remember that shit happens is also important. At the end of the day missing part of a show isn't the worst that could happen.

Gemma: It's definitely not the worst that could happen. But I mean, it's annoying because it's not like Broadway will refund your ticket if you missed part of a song. Ya know?

Christine: Losing money will always suck. 

Andrew: Yeah, I understand Gemma's point of view. 

Gemma: Especially when you're a broke, semi-recent college grad. It's not easy spending money on tickets and not soaking up every second of what you paid for because of something that could have been avoided like a latecomer.

Christine: Yeah, I think everyone is just trying to have a good time. Don't take things too seriously and always strive to not be an assholes to each other.

Andrew: Yea....... it's your money, your show, your experience, and really your expectation, and if anyone alters what you expected, IT A PROBLEM!


Christine: Grammar our great is.

Gemma: Yeah, Christine. I know that everyone is just trying to have a good time at the theatre now, or the rational side of me does, but when I'm actually at the show and someone arrives late and blocks my view or whatever, it's hard to see reason. And yes, Andrew, you get me haha.



This is me when someone shows up late to a show. 

Christine: Ha!