Favorite TV Show: Orphan Black and Game of Thrones go head to head
Favorite Food: Does Red Mango count? If not, sushi
Favorite Book: The Child Thief by Brom (which she read at 14 so does not remember many details about it other than the fact that she loved it)
Favorite Comedians: Bo Burnham and Donald Glover

Maham sometimes goes by Mahi, she has moved about eleven times (four of which were within New York City: Jackson Heights, Astoria, Bayside, Harlem), and her most enjoyable experience thus far was TDF’s Open Doors program. Theatregoing (and art in general) has become an emotional outlet she never imagined was possible.  She is Latin-obsessed (yes, the dead language), cannot create art for the life of her (except sometimes writing), and watches almost every TV show BBC has to offer. She joins PXP Magazine, while attending Sophie Davis.