Favorite sport: Tennis
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite animal: Elephant

You can say I am an introvert and you wouldn't be wrong, because it takes me a while to open up. I like to observe and think before speaking. Many wouldn't expect me to be spontaneous or weird but, surprisingly, I can be and I like to attribute this to the creative side of me. I define myself as a person with an adventurous soul. Someone who loves to try new things whether it be food, a new language, new people and, more than all, travel to new destinations. Another of my drives, is that for the arts and it involves anything that the word art can be used to describe. I mean, expression is something that every person shares differently. I may sound like a dreamer and yes, I can be, but I am also realistic of the life I live and the events that go on in my surroundings. I like to describe myself as an optimistic person, even when things might not be going so well. I strongly feel that being a positive and open-minded person is a part of what helps make this world a favorable place to live in - so I do my best at practicing it every day. Almost everything fascinates me, because I am always eager to know and with no shame I say that's just simply me. 😃😊