Favorite Movie: Inglorious Bastards
Favorite Play: Inherit The Wind or Hamlet
Biggest Pet Peeve: using “your” instead of “you’re” (bad grammar is unattractive😆)
Favorite Famous Person: Kristen Wiig
Biggest Fear: Blood 💉

Miranda Baldo packed up her bags September 2016 and traveled across the country from sunny Manhattan Beach, California to the bustling city she’s dreamed of since she was a kid. As a previous New Yorker (she left when she was 4), Miranda has taken full advantage of the life she has been given ever since she arrived. She constantly finds herself in crazy situations around the city, but using her extensive background in improv she can think on her feet, problem solve, and socialize with ease. She has already learned an avid amount from trusting time and meeting a plethora of different people with fascinating stories. 🖊️

In the future, she hopes to compile all of these crazy stories from all the people and situations she has been involved- into a plethora of articles and stand up routines. She aims to use that force of intelligent humor to assist people to open their minds, educate those who are unable understand perspectives, help people not take life so seriously and make the world laugh. PXP has already allowed her to explore her writing even more, and she can't thank them enough for the opportunity. Let's break down these barriers and get everyone to see theater! 🎭

P.S. Shoutout to Disha Gandhi the best roommate a person could imagine who's become my best friend and family here. Wouldn't be surviving New York without her. 💗


What Miranda has written for PXP: