Favorite Place In NYC: Greenwich
Favorite Movie: Inglorious Bastards
Favorite Pet Peeve: using “your” instead of “you’re” (bad grammar is unattractive)
Favorite Famous Person: Kristen Wiig
Childhood Role Model: Sharpay Evans
Biggest Fear: Blood

Miranda Baldo packed up her bags this September and came across the country from sunny Manhattan Beach, California to the bustling city she’s dreamed of since she was a kid. As a first year at Pace University, Miranda has learned an avid amount from her studies, her roommates, the random people who talk to her on the subway, and New York in general. Miranda constantly finds herself in crazy situations around the city, but using her extensive background in improv she can think on her feet, problem solve, and socialize with ease. In the future, she hopes to pile all of her stories into a plethora of stand up routines and make people all over the world laugh. Comedy is a powerful force that not only can inform people of more important facets of the world, but help people stay healthy and happy. She aims to use that force to assist people to open their minds and not take life so seriously. She adores PXP and their mission with her whole heart and can’t thank them enough for letting her join the team. Theater is cool. Theater is life. Xoxo.