Favorite city: Paris. 
Favorite play: Cloud Nine by Caryl Churchill.
Favorite activity: eating.
Favorite novel: Room by Emma Donoghue.

Ricky Charriez was born and raised in Puerto Rico and decided to move to New York after graduating High School to pursue his career in theater. He is mostly known for telling jokes that nobody laughs at but himself. He believes comedy brings the best out of everyone, even the kid who's always grumpy in the corner. If Ricky would be allowed to do anything he wanted in the world for one day he would choose to eat everything twice and then watch The Devil Wears Prada on his bed. Ricky is known for loving everyone except people who sit in the subway with their legs wide open. His future goal is to own a theater company dedicated to motivating equality and inclusiveness through performance. "A perfect world is one that embraces difference".