Favorite book genre: To settle down with, is romance.
Favorite dessert: To indulge in, is red velvet anything! But beware not all red velvet is the good kind so just a little disclaimer there!
Favorite color: Aquamarine and red are a constant internal battle
Favorite TV show: At the moment, hands down, Gotham - I've always been a Batman kind of girl

Hi there! My name is Sylwia Nosowicz, and yes, it’s Sylwia with a w.  Same pronunciation but different spelling, it lets me stand out! Born in Brooklyn but residing in Staten Island, I’ve gone right back to the place where I first took my breathe of fresh air, as I am a sophomore attending St. Francis college in Brooklyn Heights. My major is Psychology, and my sole ambition is to better this world. I love interacting with people and the human mind fascinates me. I am a firm believer that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. With that being said one of my favorite hobbies other than writing is reading. If I’m nowhere to be found then I’m probably hiding in the corner somewhere finishing up a novel that I had only picked up to read hours ago. One word to describe me would have to be creative! I can turn anything dull and boring into a sparking and colorful work of art! I'm always proud of my work and love what I do, which is simply being me.