$56.50- 'This Ain't No Disco'

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Lowest Price: $56.50 for Standing Room

Regular - $91.50
Premium - $111.50
Standing Room- $56.50

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What it's about:

Part rock opera, part impressionist tone poem set in the nightclubs and art world of 1979 New York City, This Ain’t No Disco interweaves the stories of strivers, dreamers and drifters searching for their place at Studio 54 and Mudd Club, the art scene and downtown lofts. In their uptown/downtown quest for revelry and kinship, this disparate group, in different stages of becoming and falling apart, find themselves and each other in a city on the verge of a massive cultural shift.

When it is:

Currently Open
Closes August 12th, 2018

Where it is:

Linda Gross Theater
336 West 20th Street


More information: https://atlantictheater.org/playevents/this-aint-no-disco/